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  • staggman99 staggman99 Dec 24, 2011 4:32 PM Flag


    Board members...Merry Christmas to G-facts, Woody, M-gas, Susan, Mark, Reallywant, K-bon, Pay.back, A-date, Opran, William, Rbgambler, Eusdond, Rogkrus, Sl-hub, Itiwhat, Imkul, Pcbech and all of the other regular posters that help make this message board possible...

    I have picked up several good money making tips over the last year/years (PER, PETDX, FFC, RNO, UAN, GABUX, EVEP and several others) and a lot good information because of the help of the posters on this message board...

    My special thanks, good luck and very Merry Christmas to all...! $tagg...!

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    • Same to you Stagg, Susan, Et,al.....

      Next year will be very challanging for all of us, so lets keep the intelligent dialogue going.

      Great board for investment ideas....lets keep it that way!!

      RB Gambler,,,

    • bridge...I am glad you are pleased, today I am selling some IVR and RSO and I am buying more PER (yield about 14% and mostly tax free), RNO (yield about 10% mostly tax free) and PETDX (yield about 12% in 2011)....

      I also plan on selling some AGNC and buying more FFC (yield about 12%) and maybe some SFL (yield about 10%,???), but not yet as I am still waiting and watching...! $tagg...!

    • Congress created ethanol subsidies in 1978, expanded them in a 1980 bill, and then rinsed and repeated in 1982, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1998, 2004, 2005 and 2007. But now, wonderful to relate, this 30-year adventure in corporate welfare may finally be going into reverse.

      Congress adjourned this month without extending the $6 billion annual tax subsidy for blending corn ethanol into gasoline and the steep import tariffs on the industry's foreign competitors. Both turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of the New Year.

      The Senate voted overwhelmingly against continuing the 45-cent-a-gallon ethanol credit in July, and an extension was not slipped into the final budget deal. Deliberate neglect is not the Viking funeral the ethanol lobby deserves, but given its many political clients this is a minor policy watershed all the same.

      The left-right coalition against corn ethanol has been growing for some time, and the latest outfit to lend its voice to what is now a not-so-lost cause is none other than the National Academy of Sciences. In an October report, academy researchers concluded that grain ethanol "could not compete with fossil fuels in the U.S. marketplace without mandates, subsidies, tax exemptions, and tariffs . . . This lack of competitiveness raises questions about the use of government resources to support biofuels."

      The liberal revelation has been the growing evidence that biofuels increase net carbon emissions. Pumping energy-intensive row crops into gas tanks leads to land-use changes in world agricultural markets that increase greenhouse gases.

      The irony is that a fuel that was sold as a global-warming palliative—the industry will use any argument to justify its government lucre—is now being hoist on its own corn stalk. Green carbon fuel standards regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and in California credit sugar ethanol produced in Brazil with better climate benefits than corn ethanol.

      So South American makers have been shipping their product to the West Coast, paying the tariff and selling it at a premium. U.S. makers then send their product south to backfill the Brazilian market. So much for "energy independence," another example of false ethanol political marketing.

      Ending ethanol protectionism will at least help lower U.S. costs, but the tragedy is that no one would ever buy it at the pump without Congress's mandate, which, alas, will continue. The National Academy's summary is apt: "Without biofuel tax credits . . . the cost of biofuel programs is borne directly by consumers, as they are forced to pay a higher cost for the blended renewable fuel than for petroleum-based products. Otherwise, consumers bear the cost of biofuel programs indirectly through taxes paid."

      The fight for economic rationality goes on.

    • Stagman, Thanks for UAN. Nice way to start off 2012.

    • stagg,

      You posted the "OT" on ethanol. Kitchen getting too hot for you?

    • Susan...I don't think much of AUY or HMY (both have low dividends and high P/E ratios) because they have not done much even when gold prices were at a all time high....

      UGA (gasoline), is a lot better play, because gasoline is always cheaper this time of the year and then makes a major increase in price as we enter the driving UGA now and hold until spring (about May)....

      DBA (Agriculture grains) and Corn (corn) are also a good play at this time because of crop failure in Argentina, demand for ethanol and demand from China...also, note that the subsidy for ethanol comes off 01/01/12 but the mandate does not...

      USO (oil) is another, no need to explain it...

      SLV (silver), my opinion, is better than gold, I made a lot of money on it last year on a short term trade...

      All of the stocks that I have mentioned are good short term plays for capital gains that do not pay any be honest, I am now thinking about buying/adding some more SFL (markets and stocks always over correct)...Good luck and keep in touch...! $tagg...!

    • Board members...It sure looks like a nice market rally to, I sold some of my IVR (at about a 10% loss) and bought more PER (Yield 14.5%, mostly tax free dividends) and more GABUX (yield 11.2% and it pays the dividends monthly)...

      I plan to take some profit on my RSO (yield 17.3%) and AGNC (yield 19.3%) and then buy/add more PER (yield 14.5% and dividends are mostly tax free), buy/add RNO (yield 9.8% and dividends are mostly tax free), and FFC (start a new position and the dividends, 13.9% with the special, are paid monthly)...! Good luck to all...! Stagg...!

      • 1 Reply to staggman99
      • stagg, good idea to take some profits when you have them even if it results in taxable gains in 2011. I would wait to reinvest and not chase any stocks this week. I have a feeling there's going to be some selling next week as this week we are hitting the top of the S&P range. PER, SDT and CHKR have had some nice runs lately, but it is a while for their next distributions (PER and SDT in Feb and CHKR in Mar) so there's time to capture those. Good luck.

    • Thanks Stagg. Hope you had a great Chistmas and wonderful 2012.

    • thanks so much, for your info,MERRY CHRISTMAS, to you all as well,

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