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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Feb 10, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    Take some profits.....Mkt going Down

    Time for the long awaited correction....AGNC holding up really well...sold all, waiting for lower price once the new share offering is announced. Luckily sold most of my UAN at $30...Also sold SDRL (way over bought IMHO)and PAA....Bought Susan's BBEP and it has gone down every day since I bought it....great 9.5% divy though!

    Get rid of SFL while you wil get crushed with the market correction, and the reduction in the divy coming.....

    Bought TVIX this AM....double short the S&P....Isreal to bomb Iran, Greece default, lots of bad things can happen...good to have insurance! Good luck to all!!!

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    • well, time to add rb gambler to the ignore list. for months nothing but suggestions to dump SFL. i do not understand why he spends so much time on the SFL board.

      SFL is a fabulous trading stock. i actually am reducing a bit this week. but RB's statement a few weeks back, that SFL is dangerous even at $8...priceless. now if you wish to argue that in mid-teens it is fairly priced i won't argue.

      so long rb. you get to join sib.

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      • When we see a balance of oil tankers to demand in the market and an improvement in bulk rates this will again be a 'safe' stock. It is possible with an improving world economy this could be a very high return stock, as the risk premium comes out.

        But you traders should leave investors out of your games. Although I have not read gamblers post due to the name.

    • pay.back...nice chart, good for you...of course ethanol is also a "lot cheaper at 76 cents" a gallon than regular gasoline (so the debate could go on), it burn cleaner, adds more U.S jobs and is renewable...and the tailings (DDGS) are still feed for livestock...

      As always, I am not here to fight or argue with other investors and I am sure this message will only spark another disagreement...I would much rather discuss investments and money making ideas...

      The LINE message board is a mess with investors always fighting with each other, I hope we can stay away from be honest, I still believe that the Pope is Catholic and I am sure that somebody will disagree with me about that (lol)...! Special thanks to you, for all your wisdom and feedback...! $tagg...!

    • rbgambler99,Norrishappy, Stagg & Board,

      I would like to state that I don't care how much ethanol is equivalent to a gallon of gas. Please stop the annoying posts about ethanol. You are killing my daily entertainment.

      Stagg is the defacto mayor of the board. This is due to his dedication to helping all of us. So he ought to get a little leeway here or there.

      I totally agree. I sold all my SFL, TAL, KMR, INTC. I'm going to sell SDRL at $40 but only because I'm up 33%. Actually I've moved nearly my entire IRA and Roth holdings into cash. ~60% of brokerage is also in cash.

      Right now I am holding the following:
      T, AEP, CSX, C, COP, UAN, ETP, GTY, ITC, SDRL, VMW, KMI, and very small holding in AGNC.

      I will be holding UAN (small position) or pick up more as it falls. Mostly because they will be expanding capacity by 40%. I would upload it at $35.

      It you're patient ITC may be a good long term hold. They are growing rapidly and seem to have FERC in their pockets. They will be issuing a $13 dividend before the ETR deal closes. But that may be a year or two away.

      I will be back in TAL as it falls. I like TAL but I take profits when I'm up 25% - 33% unless there is a good reason to hold.

      I will buy SFL at $10 if the opportunity is there.

      I like the rails as well. There will always be something to move. Coal loads are down as natural prices are extremely low, but I would assume that exports will pick up. If UNP or KSU falls enough I might trade out CSX for one of them. Wish I had taken Susan's advice on KSU a while back.

      VMW is a great short term hold. Its also a revolutionary company. Virtualization save companies a ton of cash over the long term.

      I have a very small holding in AGNC. I'm treating it like a bond. Buy and hold for 30 years.

      COP I am holding till after the spin-off, unless it gets up to $80 before then.

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      • Great info....thanks.

        I was lucky to get rid of my UAN at $30...I love the stock, but it keeps going down....need to decide on a re entry point, but it really goes down when the market corrects, which I expect...bought more VIXX this am....average cost now at $17.90....good insurance, if you're nerves can take it!
        AGNC is over bought....TWO is a better buy now as is ARR, my favorite, as it pays monthly....waiting for the new offering to be announced to get back into ANGC....

        Keep up the good work guys...great info.

      • So you want a person who is clearly dishonest and recommends stuff which all the academic research proves is negative return to be the ‘mayor’ of the board?
        Here on SFL his claims FRO was not important to SFL. .Uunimportant due to ‘diversification’. 100% incorrect.
        All he has to do is admit it take 1.5 gallons of ethanol to equal the value of 1 gallon of gasoline. Then his not my stupid game will end.
        I sure hope you are one more Stagg hollow avatar. I would hate to believe another American could be so gullible or investing in this insane proven money losing way.

    • Board members...Cobalt International Energy (CIE) hit an off shore oil well in Angola that is estimated to produce 20,000 barrel of oil a day (WOW) the days closing price is $31.68...

      Goldman Sachs (GS) also has an interest in the oil will take a lot of ships to keep hauling that oil...SDRL is also up again today, it looks like off shore oil drilling is where the action is...! $tagg...!

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      • in your ethanol deceptions?

        You don't know anything about investments and you this insane run and gun to build trust and them hit folks with your ethanol deceptions.

        Why not admit like your avitar Opinions that it take 1.5 gallons of ethanol to equal one gallon of gasoline.

        Every one knows it is true. The only reason you will not is you wish to play this stupid game and claim a gallon of ethanol costs less than gasoline.

        All that will happen is you cannot play this dirty game anymore.

        I am really not sure why you are so disrespectful of this board and individuals who wish to just shoot the breeze on investment.

        Man up. Act like a fair minded American.

    • Board members...Susan (aka sid66) always post her investment plan and all of her trades...I do not invest the way that Susan does, but it seems to work for her...

      That said, nobody follows the dividend money trail better than Susan...I don't mean that she is a dividend hunter, it just that she always seems to know where the action is...! $tagg...!

    • rather sell the puts and collect the money for a share price lower that where the stock is trading....Sold some $17.50 puts for $1.35 and will take the stock at $17.50 if it is put to me...Also sold some $15 puts for $75 cents but cashed out of those about 3 days later when I bought them back at 55 cents....After commissions on 10 contracts i still made about $160 on the $15 naked puts for a quick little I also closed some AGNC positions for a nice gain and will also wait for a new buy point. Closed the $26 naked puts which I sold for $1.75 for $1.15 today which is 60cents.....also held those only about a week ...lets see what next week brings us....I am expecting some serious down side....Also closed some ERF naked puts the day before ex-div when the stock was trading at $24.10 and it is now trading at $23.44 this happens every time after the monthly ex-div but I am not sure if I will take another position there unless ERF goes to $23. Good luck to all

    • rbgambler...I just checked out TVIX (it is up over 20% today), great pick...good for you, it is a nice insurance holding...thanks for the tip...! $tagg...!

    • Oh jeez, these trolls have invaded our board. It was so quiet, so nice...that's over.

    • rbgambler...I sold "some" of my SDRL, (about 20% of it) and it has gone up everyday since I sold it...I sold "all" of my AGNC for major profit and I have started buying back into it again today (just a few small trades so far))...

      If Israel bombs Iran oil will go through the roof...some are already saying that gasoline prices will hit over $5.00 this summer (source CNBC)...

      If investors think the markets are going to crash VXX (S & P short term fund) is a good ETF to buy for insurance...

      I have my eye on SFL, because I loaded up a lot more when it was under $10.00 a share...I may take some of it back off of the table...

      It looks like it may be time to stay out of companies that are very heavy in natural gas...they are making good money, but there is way to much natural gas and it is getting cheaper all the time...oil companies are still looking good...! $tagg...!

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      • stay away from nat gas co.
        stagg i am heavy into mmr,have been for many years. they have important test coming up on ultra deep well that has logged out as a possible 50 million cf per day. they have two ultra deep wells in the wings they will be testing also. they have logged out at 50 million a day each. if all this proves out thats 150 million cf a day divided bu 2.50 1000 cf a day. do the math. the 2.50 per 100 cf is the lowest nat gas has been in probably 10 years or more. i'm a wildcatter,thats the reason i'm into sfl,becaus of offshore rigs. read sfl lastp&l statement. see how the offshore segment can carry them till the shipping prices come back. i'm not a trader i have always been long. dont make no short time money like you,but am looking for the big one,while still making my dividends. i do like to read about all you traders on this board. buying and selling,going short etc. i'm retired and dont have a day job like you all do,so i'm content to clip my coupons. still waiting on that bananza though.
        good investing to all

      • Nice moves, Stagg....your point is right on regarding NG stocks....I am watching NFG move toward its low for the year, and may take some nibbles on it soon....I have MPET and TGC as my oil specs....sold BP,Royal Dutch and Sassol some time ago...I like them all on any further weakness.......

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