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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Feb 22, 2012 4:24 PM Flag

    Musings.....Some New Picks

    Stagg and fellow divy lovers...I got out of UAN luckily at $30 as you still apears weak, and I will stay out I think til the market corrects, which will be SOON!I have the same holdings as Stagg, except for SFL and that mutual fund PTEX or whatever, so I won't bore you with comments on those.

    What do you guys think of TNH and RNF? Both seem to be doing well, though at the higher end of the price range....RNF is new and should yield 9% when all is said and done.

    I also have some wierd stuff, but good divy payers....STON 9%, holds steady in bad markets...FUN 10% but at the top of its price range and FGP 11%, which no one likes, but it just keeps going up..I have 3 points in profit plus divys, and it keeps going! Looking at Susan's VLCCF, but it goes down when the market tanks, and I don't like that, plus, I do not like the shipping industry...(sorry Stagg)....all info/comments, suggestions welcome...I mad a big hit on a little oiler...TGC...I own it at .80, and it hit $1.17 today...Yippee!!! Get some TVIX and profit when the market corrects.

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    • The political news is out on it so, since the state of their union speech did not change anything... it has bounced back up about 4 bucks.

      I think that $28 or $29 is a pretty good price, since I was once happy to buy it at $34.

    • WOW....if this company was in the US or Canada, it would be 3x the price.....its scary, but I would get some....its up 14% on news that the Pres. will not nationalize....I hate stocks with political exposure but this should push even higher in short order...If I bought it,I would put a stop loss order in just in case though.

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      I have been watching one other, that is a bit of a special situation.


      It is a large cap, oil company (largest in Argentina) & controlled by Repsol of Spain, but there are rumblings that there may be some political changes that would affect it somehow... so it fell yesterday to a 3 year low.
      The dividend is about 11-12% at todays price.

      Do you think that it is too risky?

    • rbgambler...Don't be sorry, I don't like shipping either...but I do like SFL because it is a finance company that is related to shipping...I still like SDRL as it remains very strong (good dividend, plus good forward outlook))...

      TNH and RNF are both outstanding stocks with a bright future...I think that I like RNF the best because they get gate prices (their location to the markets is very good)...UAN is probably over sold at this level...

      I bough more TWO today because of a new stock offering and the current price drop (it looks like a nice entry point)...

      I should have bought UGA as it is still going up everyday...high gasoline prices may slow the economy back down a bit (this is not good)...

      The current events in the Mid-East with Iran could change things around a lot and I am not sure what effect it will have on my holdings and the markets...I will take some time to check out some of your other picks...! Good luck and keep in touch...! $tagg...!

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      • grothred...I am not adding more to my PETDX at this time as I already added more to it back in early December...and I still have GABUX on my watch list...

        PETDX is sort of a weird holding because it seems to run side ways and then make quick jumps up in share price...i.e. in 2011 it did poorly in the first quarter and then it started taking also had a poor dividend payout in the first quarter of 2011 (???)...I am not knocking GABUX, I just feel that I should do better than a total return of 6% in a 12 month period of target for total return on a holdings is to beat 12% a year...

        At this time I am buying more TWO (yield about 16.6%) yesterday and I may buy more TWO today if there is any more of a pull back...TWO just had a new offering and it looks like a good entry point to me...

        Another you may like is FFC (yield about 9% or more, it pays monthly dividends) as it is a good place to park funds until they are needed...

        That said, I notice that LINE had a pretty good earning release and I think the forward outlook is looking a lot better...SDRL is also staying hot...a good short term play at this time for extra profit is UGA (buy now and sell before early summer)....! $tagg....!

      • Hey stagg

        Back on Feb 10 we discussed gabux vs petdx

        since then gabux is up .02 and petdx is down to $4.91 or .13......

        Are you still holding petdx? distrib % is up by .002734 though...buying more?

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