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  • sid66tb sid66tb May 2, 2012 1:04 PM Flag

    Mr. Stagg - I recall about 6 weeks

    ago you made some rather disparaging remarks about LINE and their management style...LINE was at about $36.80 then and as of this writing are trading at $40.60.........seems like they knew what they were doing, heh???, and this is inspite of the over-all weakness in the energy patch....

    gotta hand it to em! Susan

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    • do what groupon did.......puke all over itself.......a totally worthless concept for yuppies to 'play with each other' imho.........Glad i have been adding to MTGE in the past few days.......likely will take some off the table on Monday.

    • Hello rb and all

      I missed Linkedin --wow what a pop!
      When does face book have the offering??

    • Susan....wil you be buying any Facebook when it hits the market? Should be a good trade for a couple of days anyway.

    • Barry and the tree huggers will be gone in 8 months....I live in Wisconsin, and pray every night that Walker does not get recalled.....the outcome of that matter will say a lot about what will happen in the presidential race, I Think...

      Coal may not be going away, but the fact remains that RNO had decreased earnings and they lowered forecasts for the rest of 2012.

    • I saw my name mentioned. My present position is mainly cash,and some spec shares HUSA, ATSG. Just sold FLY.Income earners MTGE TICC and ROYT.

    • Stagg and rb
      I thought that this was interesting rating on PETDX:
      1 year total return 29%
      Morningstar Ratings

      PIMCO RealEstateRealReturn Strategy Fund Class DPETDX
      Morningstar Rating™ as of 03/31/2012
      Overall Rating--------------3 stars
      3 Year RatingOut of 63 Funds 5 stars
      5 Year RatingOut of 60 Funds 2 stars
      10 Year Rating is not available for PETDX
      Historic Return ----High
      Historic Risk ------High

      Morningstar Category: Real Estate
      Specialty-real estate funds invest primarily in real-estate investment trusts (REITs) of various types. REITs are companies that develop and manage real-estate properties. There are several different types of REITs, including apartment, factory-outlet, health-care, hotel, industrial, mortgage, office, and shopping center REITs. Some funds in this category also invest in real-estate operating companies.
      Next Steps

      This is all good IMHO


    • Susan...nice to hear for you, I really missed teasing you...however, you have it wrong again...

      Several months ago I said that LINE was catching it breath and there was better places to our money and I was right...

      Now LINE is making a run again..don't forget your friend "Jack Hitler" (the main LINE booster) also gave up the rigs and sold out of his position in LINE...

      I also tried to get you to buy SDRL and PETDX and you were to busy doing naked stuff to listen to me (that was your mistake)...I may not walk on water, but I have been swimming pretty portfolio is at an all time high...yet, I still make a few bad trades once in a while...i.e. WHR was a very bad buy for me...

      That said, I put my LINE profit in PER, and PER has gone up in share price more than LINE has (that was a good move for me)...I also sold out of RSO after several years and at a nice long term profit..."Tip Of The Day", check out SLRC (yield 11.5%) looks like a sweetheart to me...

      Susan, please don't be so bullheaded, we all want you to make some real money so you can stop drinking scab beer...scab beer will only make you mean and are a first class lady and you deserve the best...! There are still a lot better stocks in the market place than LINE and you know please admit that you are wrong...! $tagg...!

    • Isn't she cute?

      I still don't like LINE...would rather have PER and ERF.

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      • SUSAN

        I have bought and sold LINE several times--when It make a run it moves very quick--I like the 7.5% return.
        it has been looking v good past 3 weeks........

        Board on another note on Solar capital get a fat juicy return !!!
        SLRC--I have had a position for a year in this one 11.56% Dividend.
        here is a link:

        Performing loans comprised 99.5% of the fair value of the debt portfolio at the end of the first quarter of 2012. There was one asset on non-accrual status with a total market value of approximately $4.4 million.

        This is way better than what banks have to offer!!!!!!!!

        V Best TO all

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