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  • norrishappy norrishappy Oct 5, 2012 11:21 AM Flag

    Corn Monster always makes money in hindsight. Just ask him.

    Just can not help having a tantrum. How strange a mufti-millionaire investor is so emotional and thin skinned.

    Look $ Tagged just have some fun. But there is no reason to repeat your completely addressed and disproven lies about corn ethanol corruption on a natural gas board. This corruption has no place for any American but it is completely insane on a domestic natural gas energy board.

    Every informed person understands we used natural gas before corn ethanol corruption and should go back. It is lower cost, less polluting and will create jobs in our natural gas fields; which are not now not being actively worked and new refineries. BAsed on free market economics and pollution reduction not crony capitalist government mandates.

    Look Americans just reduced gasoline demand another 2% due to avoidable hardship and cost. Corn ethanol still costs $0.86 more per gasoline gallon equivalent even as it is being produced at a loss by every still.

    Here on a tanker board investors should be aware of gasoline demand trends. It is a critical input but of course not the only input to spot rates in the tanker market and the sweep from FRO.

    AS I said folks enjoy high risk trading here. That is fine have some fun. Your tantrums and repeating yourself endlessly on the LINE board is wasteful rather than productive.

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    • Board members...I think I am being stalked by the 'monkey talker' from the LINE message board...he did not like it when I said that hydrogen (H) is the fuel of the future because it is made from the most common element in the universe (water)...

      Again, some day there will be a major breakthrough and ethanol, coal, natural gas and oil will pretty much be history because of hydrogen (H) for is possible that there has already been a breakthrough and they are keeping it hidden (???)...

      I don't have problem with people who disagree with me, I do have a problem with people who pick fights and call others dirty names...'nobody has to ask me', I have been making good money for over fifty years (and I am still making more today) stocks are still running hot, ie. TWO (yield about 12%), among others, is still very sweet...

      norris, always tries to pick a fight so he will have 'a platform to preach on'...fact is, he is a sick little puppy that cannot rub to nickles together and make a dime and he really gets upset when other investors are showing a nice profit...! Keep the faith and keep investing...! $tagg...!

      • 2 Replies to staggman99
      • STAGG

        I am down in a few stocks
        RNF, ERF
        up a lot in ARR, PETDX GNN, HIX OK in SFL, SDRL
        Was thinking of some APPLE today as it is $658 seems like a good entry price
        I do like EEP and GE
        Any way this is one board member that appreciates all that you bring to the table
        I am sure B-Man and Gambler and Mike and all will agree--you are GOOD
        Have a great weekend....... HooRah

      • $ Tag,

        You know full well hydrogen requires nuclear power and you hate that.

        But the American Geological Survey states America has thousands of years of natural gas in conventional, fracturing and hydrates. That their best guess is that the onshore hydrates can now be developed for around $7mcf. Given the vast amount on conventional and fracturing resources we have plenty of time to figure out hydrates.

        Natural gas at $7 equals oil at $39bbl per BTU. Except it is 100% domestic, generates 40% less emissions and the price right now is around $3.50 due to vast resources.

        Corn ethanol just on the energy component costs 30% more than imported oil.

        There is excellent opportunity for SFL to get into finished petroleum export carriers and LNG tankers. These ships are traveling at high speed due to demand while bulk and oil tankers are at the lowest possible speed due to the cost of bunker fuel to spot rates.

        So your nonsense is actually against the interests of investors in SF in addition to LINE.Natural gas drilling activity is in every investors interest here not your corn ethanol corruption.

        If you stop whining and refrain repeating your disproven dissembling on a natural gas board I will leave you in peace. If you have something new which has not been addressed and disproven again and again and again, please pop in.

        Why not just have some fun trading rather than doing the same old tired routine?

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