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  • staggman99 staggman99 Jan 17, 2013 12:23 PM Flag


    Board members..."So goes January, so goes the year" (I sure hope so) is a list of the gains and loses on my holdings from December 31, 2012 until January 17, 2013 (without any dividends or distributions):

    ARR........up 6.65%

    TWO.......up 11.9%

    MTGE......up 9.3%

    PSEC......up 3.2%

    NCT........up 15.1%

    PER.......up 10.9%

    SFL........up 3.9%

    SDRL......up 3.1%

    ALDW....down 4.8%

    NTI........down 2.2%

    PETDX...up 2.3%

    That said, I am up about 5.39% over-all (in this January time frame) and with future dividends this month could put me up about 7% by the end of the month (if the current stock prices hold up) holdings will not continue to keep running like this, but it sure is sweet now; as my current weighted yields are about 13.5% a year on all of my holdings...! $tagg...!

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    • Hello
      Stagg, b-man, Gamble, Mark
      I love and own all of the above, with the flowing additions
      NYCB, APPLE, GS, GE. And HIX
      That is my story and I will stick to it. I buy an d hold mostly divi plays
      I need income plus. Some growth!
      Best of luck to all

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    • eye2eeye Jan 17, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

      NCT, SFL and SDRL are in my portfolio too, continued success!!!!

    • I'm right with you Stagg...I have all the same stocks you have plus these which may be of interest to some.

      NTI, WHZ, FFC, CXS, GGN, BPL, ETP, CLMT, INO, and TGD....How about you Sarg, and Mark...lets show and tell!

      Great Board.....thanks to all for the great dialogue and insight!!

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      • Here's my stocks and comments.

        mREITs: MITT, AMTG and IVR. Had IVR for some time. MITT and AMTG were added last Fall. I think there is going to be rotation into the hybrid mREITs and away from agency mREITs, but rotations may be quicker and I would not hesitate to trim positions here if they rose.

        I own a bunch of MLPs in the following subsectors:

        E&P: ARP, LINE, and EVEP. I posted before about EVEP. I got shares of ARP in the spinoff from ATLS and added more. ARP yields over 10% and because it is relatively small, stands to grow faster in comparison to the other e&p's. LINE has a better than decent yield but it may be too large now to show much growth.

        G&Ps: APL, MWE, CMLP. Bought APL before they reinstated the distribution. They have started to add capacity recently which should result in increased distribution growth. CMLP has a high yield because the price dropped. They are trying to expand away from the Barnett, but are suffering from an overdependence on dry gas. One of my worst performers. MWE will benefit the most from the Utica and Marcellus. Frequent spo's put a lid on price appreciation. Note, I got called out of NGLS and it has not dropped enough to add back.

        Pipelines: EPB and WPZ. EPB keeps raising their distribution by large %'s, but since they are controlled by Kinder, that may put a lid on their price. Should have sold WPZ when it was much higher, but they are expanding and mitigating their exposure to NGL prices.

        Royalty trusts: SDT and PER. Good yields, but I am more skeptical now.

        Others: ATLS is the gp of both ARP and APL and is nearing the 50% IDR level for each. Once they get there, they will have huge distributions gains and a large price increase. I bought SFL last fall on a downdraft, but it looks to be toppy. I've posted about ALDW.

    • stagg,
      My portfolio is at a new cumulative high so this is the time I start seriously considering doing significant selling.... and never do.

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      • jkprice Jan 17, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

        Seems to me that being in the market for the first 4 months pays off each year. May can be good also at times. But to me it's a rough market the rest of the year. I seriously think a person could be in from Dec. to May 1st and make the most of what'll happen over the course of the rest of the year.

    • Nice return Stagg. Do you mind sharing the collective size of your portfolio (approx.)? And do you only invest in dividends stocks? I ask because I have a blend of Dividends, biotech, pharma, tech and Financials.

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      • doneby...I try to keep about ten high yield holdings of equal value (core holdings) and if I am right on my picks 70% of the time I should make very good money...

        All of my core holdings are always high yield holdings...high yields always give us 'a lot of slack to play with' even if the stocks gives up some gains...i.e. ARR is a good example...

        I never play Tech. stocks at all, somebody is always coming out with a better mouse trap and I never know who that is...

        Money on the way "is a con game", I want my money now...if we go to the bank and use their money, they charge us...when we invest our funds we need to charge them....

        Sometime I do buy a short term holding to play for a quick profit (small amounts and they are never a core holding, usually a short term play of six months or less)...

        Once I have a core holding, I usually add to it of subtract from it to maintain portfolio balance....I hope some of this helps...please stay with this message board because there are a lot of very sharp investors here and they love to share information...! $tagg...!

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