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  • staggman99 staggman99 Jan 22, 2013 11:04 AM Flag


    Board members...NCT (yield about 8.8%) is now my leader in capital gains and is 'still running hot' followed by SFL (yield about 8.9%), TWO (yield about 14%), SDRL (yield about 8.7%) and MTGE (yield about 14%) and in that order....all of my other holdings are doing OK, but it is to soon to evaluate them...

    I usually do some tune-ups in January, but because my holdings are doing so good, 'my current plans are to change nothing'...I will start adding more shares to some of my holdings to maintain balance in my portfolio...

    I do not understand (???) the in drop in the share price on ALDW (yield about 25%) while NTI (yield about 23%) 'is increasing in share price'...maybe it has something to do with the IPO offering of CVRR (yield about 19%)...investors may be moving some of their funds around in the same sector (???)...

    I also feel that now is the time to take a 'hard look' at UAN (yield about 8%) as it may be headed 'for a breakout in share price'...fertilizer is going to be a strong play in 2013 and UAN has increased their output by about 50% and their 'reduced cost' to produce nitrogen (N) may put them in the sweet spot for future profits...! $tagg...!

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    • In re of ALDW v/s NTI.the don,t suppose the book value and debt would have anything to do with it??ed

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      • ed...a lot of investors 'will disagree' with me on this however:

        First, I feel that a high level of debt is a good thing if it is income producing and very bad if it is not...i.e. SDRL has a 'high level of debt' and is having some 'short term growing pains', but will continue to shine in later 21013 (my opinion)...

        Second, I don't think much of 'Book Value' because 'except for debt and cash on hand' it is always just somebodies opinion...I try and look for good color (key statistics), strong drivers (revenue stream) and a decent forward outlook (where the company profits seem to be headed in the future)...

        That said, I am 'not sure' about ALDW (yield about 25%) or NTI (yield about 23%), please ask mark or william as they are the ones that made me buy it (lol)...! Good luck investing...! $tagg...!

    • Stagg, re NCT: keep in mind, in management's latest presentation they said by the end of the first quarter they expected a spinoff and the combined annual yield would be $1.04 not the 88 cents Yahoo currently lists. Therefore, the yield for anyone coming in at $10 will be close to 10%. That may be what's driving the price currently.

    • Congrats on NCT. Almost as good as my RNF y-o-y.

    • ALDW. news about the seaway pipeline would be my best

      Uan. I think there will "only" be 95 million acres of corn planted this year. To dry in parts of the midwest for corn on corn.

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      • mudrackers...the drought in the heart of the mid-west is pretty much over at this time, I have had over of foot of snow melt with about four inches of slow rain on top of this time we have plenty of sub-soil moisture and from what I hear there may be 'a shortage of seed corn' for planting...

        I do not have a crystal ball and I cannot predict future weather conditions in July and August (of 2013), but my lakes are overflowing and the ground in my area (southern Illinois) is saturated...I do not look for a bumper crop in Wheat (most Wheat is grown farther west of the corn belt)...

        It takes a lot of fertilizer to grow a Corn crop and I am sure that nitrogen (N) producers will shine in 2013...when the worst an investor can do is 'break even or make money' an investment is a good play and nitrogen (N) production 'is a good play at this time', if the stocks are not over priced...i.e. UAN, RNF and etc.,...

        That said, 'morning call' by Byce Knorr (Farm Futures) is an excellent read and is updated every this time, 2013 looks very bright for the upward pricing of all grain crops and fertilizer should benefit from it...! Good luck investing and keep in touch...! $tagg...!

      • So

        I ask is fertilizer the best buy or is ?????
        AT&T 5% or SAN 9.1%--I did buy a little of T as the price of $33 was bargain..
        or is UAN the place to be
        If commodities are getting hot and I think they are, Fertilizers could be the place to go

        Comments are appreciated
        Max the Sarge

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