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  • mudrackers mudrackers Jan 22, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Thoughts on BIP, cplp, xtex

    I have been doing some research for stock in my roth IRA and have it narrowed down to these three. FYI I already own sfl,nct,nti, in the roth.

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    • You may want to add LINE to that list to research a bit.
      They said they will change to pay monthly, they are buying BRY (Berry), they increased the distribution by 6.2% to 3.08 from $2.90.....and had a Conference Call today that is very interesting including 2013 capex & results in their Hogshooter wells.

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      • Board members...I 'do not' have LINE in my current holdings...however, I would rate LINE 'a strong buy' as it now has good color, strong drivers and an outstanding forward outlook...! $tagg...!

      • The Wells analyst had LINE as outperform as of a few days ago. I will watch for an update to see if they change the target price. Six or seven years ago Berry was mostly about oil and had a positive picture for oil acreage, then they shifted to natural gas E&P. Now, maybe they it is tougher for them to finance the development of their oil assets. LINE has a healthy oil and liquids component. Berry should be a good way to double down on oil. Not sure what Berry brings as far as shale oil and gas. I tend to think their oil assets are more conventional, but my memory is hazy. LINE seems to know how to play the acquisition game but not sure what their production record is. At least they are buying when prices are reasonable, unlike CHK. Only thing holding me back on LINE is that domestic oil and gas prices are not liikely to shine with all the production coming on line. So, where to go? Well,you already know what refiners are doing. Lots of people betting on the infrastructure and shipping assets related to the export of petroleum products and chemicals.

    • I would sell NTI. The CEO abruptly resigned recently.. Whenever the CEO or CFO abruptly resigns, I sell immediately. Look at WLT as an example

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