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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Feb 8, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    Refiners on fire!...NTI, CVRR, VLO, ADLW....

    I am loving this! Finally, bought into something at the right price at the right time!!!

    Price of gasoline said to continue its rise into the plant shutdown season in March...then, even higher for the summer months!

    What's wrong with UAN?....except for the fact that everytime I buy it it goes down!

    What do you guys think of STON? 10% divy....cemetary business...looks like something to diversify out of REITS with....Mark? Stagg? Sarge?

    Still like SFL here....its a buy under $17. IMO.

    Leaving work early...driving in the storm to Gettysburg, then to VA on Sun.....take care and be safe all!

    If Yahoo is dumb enough to cancel the message boards, we can all just go to Investor Village!


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    • Gambler, when you bought UAN, did you look at the RSI? Did you chase because it seemed like it was running away from you? The ag plays had a good run, but I am wondering if fear of drought has diminished and thus, the momentum players are exiting for now.

      On STON, I owned it several years ago, but sold after reading a negative Seeking Alpha article. The point of the article was that they issued debt at a very high rate (11% as I recall). If their business model was sound, why so high an interest rate when all of the other MLP businesses were issuing debt at much lower levels. The other reason I decided to exit was that it seemed that more people were turning to cremations instead of higher priced funerals because of the costs. The margins are greater on cremations, but there are more revenues on funerals. Good luck.

      I'll have another post on refiners and the crack spread.

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      • Thanks for your comments Mark...I bought UAN becasue it dipped on the disappointing divy for the fourth quarter, and becasue I refused to chase RNF which I sold before it took off into the $40's...I wanted to have fertilizer exposure, and I believe the divy will be right back up there in future quarters.
        Jury out on STON...bought some LRE, and have those plus ETP and EEP. I love the
        pipelines...missed the boat on NFG....been watching it since is hit its low, and refused to pull the trigger because of that low divy!! some, lose some.

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