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  • staggman99 staggman99 Feb 20, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    OT: ARR, FFC and HIX.....

    Board members...don't forget that ARR (yield about 14.6%), FFC (yield about 8%) and HIX (yield about 9.6%) can be a nice place 'to park funds' until they are needed...they pay 'monthly dividends' and may indeed put a 'smile on your face' (more profit) while you waiting to put those funds to work elsewhere...! $tagg...!

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    • I disagree with this strategy. If we are entering a correction in the market, all risk assets will get sold. I have commented before about ARR so I won't repeat myself on that but just point out that the 8 cents per month divy did not "save" anyone from losing 43 cents on the stock (from the $7 range to today's price). Similarly, junk bonds, BDCs, MLPs and a host of other sectors have rallied tremendously, with many being over bought. If we get a correction, all of these sectors will correct.
      Not to beat another dead horse, but Apple is getting pummeled again. Einhorn managed to pump some life into it, but it rallied right to the downtrend line. It has a date with $400 or lower.

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      • mark...if we get a correction other sectors will probably correct more than ARR, FFC NIX and etc.,...while you make some good points, I strongly feel this 'is not the time' to short the markets...if I was going to short the markets I would do it in September (going into Bloody October)...

        Today is probably not any type of correction, it was just some short term profit taking...the markets need to catch it breath one in a while...what about gasoline prices....? They have increased 34 days in a roll...i.e. we are very short on refinery operations in the US and that has been the driver for ethanol...what would gasoline prices be if we had 10% less fuel...? This is one of the main reasons that refineries have been doing so good lately....

        mark, don't forget that you made me 'thousands of dollars' by showing me I was wrong about investing in refineries (good for you and great for me)...that said, I do not see a major market correction at this time, if I am wrong I will also try and show some profit from it because the markets always do a snap-back...investors that stayed out of the markets after 2008 really 'ate their shoes'...! $tagg...!

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