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  • marklibera marklibera Mar 14, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    OT: ARR, 3 months of divies lost

    Textbook broken mREIT stock. Sorry for those who held on "hoping" that it would hold up. Remember, hope is not an investment strategy. Sometime you just have to admit that you were wrong or that things changed. Opportunities are made up faster than losses.

    On another note, there was an item that the refineries got hit on because they have to spend more on ethanol or otherwise buy some tax credits. This has hurt NTI and ALDW, but not CVRR. Now that seems wrong, Either it effects all of them or is overblown, but they should still be going the same direction.

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    • Boy are you right on with ARR...I sold as much as I could...still have 13,000 shs in my ROTH I need for monthly income...I an #$%$, but I think it will bottom out at around $6.15 or so, and then should go back is in better shape now, than 12 months ago...if it wasn't for too many shelf offerings, it would be $7.00 today...greedy mgt. IMO,
      who get paid based on Shelf Offerings and not on stock performance.

      Bough some PHG today....9% yield, nice turnaround story....still glad I sold my refiners...may have gotten out a little early, but I think they are at their peak and have more downside risk than upside potential...ditto for RNF...still long and strong SFL!!!

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      • We'll see what happens down the road. I bought more today at 6.21.

      • GAMBLER
        Hello to you.
        Please do not be mad that I disagree with ya --it is the old sergeant coming out.
        PHG shows a dividend of 0.80 (2.70%) What am I missing here --does not say 9%?

        As for RNF I believe that a bottom maybe in at this point it should start a upward spiral!
        You mention the refiners,
        you may be absolutely correct on your timing... J Cramer today says buy refiners--ALON and Frontier he likes a lot -- he is his own cheer leader and one may consider doing opposite of his suggestions....
        Any way I bought some AT&T and RNF. I bought NTI at $28.50 so I am OK on that refiner and as long as we continue pumping oil from USA we should be good till end of year
        My OXY buy is OK, APPLE may be going to $500 as CNBC was pumping it this AM --- I mean a lot1

    • ARR is a "Walk in the Park" compared to AT. I held AT for several years and actually could have gotten out with divs and a stock gain last summer....but ooooh nooo....I held on to the bitter end where they slashed the Div by 65% with no warning. Boy Howdy! Did I take a bath!

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      • N-gas...investing is always a 'game of mistakes' and investors that make the least mistakes always I added more AGNC (yield about 15.2%), NCT (yield about 7.8%), PSEC (yield about 11.6% and pays monthly) and started a position in NYMT (yield about 14.5%)....! Good luck and keep the faith...! $tagg...!

      • usenatgas,
        Most investors make similar mistakes. Just because a stock pays a high yield does not mean it is not without higher risk. As investors search for yield, they are often times led to the mREITs, MLPs, BDCs, rural telephone stocks, royalty trusts, and a bunch of others without knowing how those companies pay those high yields. These sectors have done well over the last few years, but that performance can lead to complacency. If the stock does well, the investor does not want to sell a "winner." Minyanville's Todd Harrison had a recent column about 12 different biases that get in the way of investing. It's a good read.
        Minyanville writer Jeff Cooper had a good quote from famed investor Benjamin Graham: "even the intelligent investor is going to need considerable will power to keep from following the crowd." good luck.

    • Board members...I sold all of my ARR today, I was up 12.6% over about one and a half years...'no point in giving all of it back'... now I have a lot of cash on hand and it is time to go shopping again....! $tagg...!

    • Mark
      welcome back are you inMaryland now??

      As fore refiners yeks your comments are spot on
      My NTI is crushed

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