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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Jun 21, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    Hold onto your hat...

    This correction was nasty, and there may be more to come...I nibbled on more WMC, NYCB, VLY, PHG and USLV...also re entered TGD....everyone hates gold and silver...that means its time to re enter! Still lots of cash
    if lower prices prevail....Sorry Stagg...I do not like SFL, with the offering price in the $14's...I think it goes under
    $15, and then I will add some...

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    • Gambler - man

      Take a look at RRD--pays 8% n wow printer no less

      Looking good in a #$%$ market

    • I also have bought GTE , MTGE, and ACRE. MTGE trades at 60% of NBV, so room to absorb asset write downs due to rising LT interest rates.

    • Good MOrning to ya Gambler-man and message board
      Yup -- one difficult and more correction to come
      I am not sure about the price paid for the SFL shares by MS. where did you see the price of $14??thanks in advance

      As for the market lets see how we close today--with options expiring we are guaranteed volatility.
      I too own VLY, NYCB, KEY, MS RSO I bought SFL along with STAGG $15.84 seemed like a good entry. !!!!!!
      As for Glod I heard J Cramer say ==buy only coins miners and such are way to dangerous right now. I sold my miner and GGN last month!! at a loss I might add. So I do not want any else to feel my pain...

      I do not offend any one, I hope, as I am just sharing the little that I know

      • 1 Reply to madmax_194752
      • Hi Max....I saw somewhere the price of $14.75...been travelling again, so I don't remember the website
        I saw it on...sorry.....maybe STAGG can confirm....this market is very weak....also, I meant PGH....above.
        PETDX got killed yesterday...I am sure glad I got out of that one before the big drop....still looking at GAUBX and PETDX undr $4.00 is looking better, as is NLY and HIX...still, too fearful to buy anything in that space except Stagg's least I get 20% while I watch the stock price fo down!!

        Keep some dry powder ready....


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