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  • madmax_194752 madmax_194752 Jul 1, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    SFL can not seem to break the $15 ceiling

    Hello great message board

    SFL is stuck in gear
    I am up very well today--got rid of my coal --I know but my APPLE is great for once up $11 smackers--it is a wonder
    what 3 upgrades can do for a stock, KEY VLY MS NYCB are up solid get some banks
    good luck to all
    happy 4th of July to all

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    • max,
      I think cutting coal is the right idea. The Chinese could be on the verge of a bursting economic bubble and that would be a major setback. Plus, IMO the natural gas trend is there for the long term, driven by abundance, price, fuel efficiency and clean burning. It usually pays to invest with the trend rather than fight it.

      I have mixed feelings on OXY. I don't think selling or spinning off major assets is the way to go, despite what Cramer says. He is looking short term, but selling off international assets has not been the answer for Devon, and several independent producers like Anadarko (APC) and EOG are growing international business quite well. OXY has more size and muscle than any of the independents and their balance sheet is strong. All they need to do is execute. One has to remember that the oil and gas boom in this country is going to play out on foreign fields as well so why would a company like OXY not want to stay in that game? Nevertheless, I have an order in to sell at a good price, so if it executes, so be it.

      Just my luck if NYCB gets an upgrade. (Good for you!) That one is next on my list. They could have waited until I got some cash! But you definitely got me tuned in to that one.

    • sarge...SFL has just paid a nice dividend and at this time is a bit off of the investors radar....however, SFL will be fine longer term, they have a 'good profitable business model' and SFL will keep moving forward...

      Longer term, into the future, a lot of the banks stocks 'will start doing better' as interest rates begin to increasing a bit....! $tagg...!

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