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  • madmax_194752 madmax_194752 Jul 5, 2013 7:26 AM Flag

    Happy post Independence Day to all

    Market is up nicely in PM. Dow PM is $125--unemployment numbers may be good for market if up a good bit....
    I saw part of the ball game yesterday the Nationals played-- was a good game

    Stagg--My Man----how is the farm and what is up with coal --the price seems to have come back up even with the new EPA rules and politically hate full administration I am all out of King Coal
    Best to all -let us hope that the second half of the year does us all good. I heard some talking heads saying a DOW 17,000 by year end--I say impossible.

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    • this time I have he 'best looking corn crop' that I have even had in my life time, my corn was planted early and is now beginning to tassel, I am about 'one good rain away' from a record corn crop and I have plenty of ground moisture at this soybeans, look terrible because they are very small and 'full of weeds', however, i will spray them again and that should take care of the weed problem....

      The USDA always pushes the crop numbers upward 'to fight inflation' opinion, is that we will have a near record corn crop in the U.S. this year...however, a lot of the corn in key growing areas is damaged by 'to much rainfall' takes a lot of moisture and cool weather to grow a good corn crop, but corn does not like to get its feet wet (standing water on the field)...

      I agree that coal is in a slump...however, ARLP is still holding it own and growing (in coal ARLP is the best of breed)...I am receiving lease money from my coal rights, but the big dollars will not start (for me) until they built a new mine and start to mine it under my farms (long wall shaft mine)... China, is still building a lot of coal fired power plants and they will have to get the coal to run them from someplace...

      I still don't see a lot of hope in the future for oil and natural gas because there is still more supply than demand...there is always a lot of money to be made someplace...we just have to stay on top of the game and see where that place is (???)...! Have a great day...! $tagg...!

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