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  • staggman99 staggman99 Aug 22, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    OT: PSEC...!

    Board members...PSEC (Yield about 12% and pays monthly) has turned in very strong earnings...the earnings are very good steady increase over the previous year...however, the stock 'is not showing the share price increase' that it should after a outstanding 43% increase in earnings...this is probably still a good entry point for adding shares....

    That said, at this time this is 'another fine day' in the markets for me...all of my holding are on the fast track today...however, I am still Gun Shy (the pain is probably not over yet)...! $tagg...!

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    • PSEC has posted it's payout clear up to March 2014..
      This is a very good investment unlike ARR,WMC,AGNC and a lot of other reits who have a lot of downside left as rates rise.If you think companies are going to continue paying 18% and above you are in for a shock.

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      • Board members...I don't think that a lot of stocks will keep paying dividends at this level...however, I do think they will keep paying dividends higher than a lot of other companies...I don't want to sound like a "know-it-all" but I sold FRO (at about $63.00 a share), EVEP (at about $54.00 a share), LINE (at about $37.00 a share) and a lot of others while some investors were saying they were at a good entry point...

        Fact is, some REITs are probably already over-sold and 'some are not' (this is true of all stocks)...some investors have been saying for years that SFL and SDRL are going broke (and they are still paying nice yields and doing good)...a year from now I will not be getting an average yield of about 14% a year, but I will probably still be getting a nice yield (and I may be getting higher Total Returns than I am now)...! $tagg...!

    • Stagg
      WOW PSEC has had a nice run up
      I guess some on is buying up shares?

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      • sarge...I don't feel that PSEC has increased in share price as much as it should...for some reason a lot of investors and investment funds 'seem to be overlooking it'...while the share price 'is very stable', it is still not reflecting the value of the company in view of the current earnings...

        It also looks like WMC (yield about 24%) and NYMT (yield about 18%) have also been overlooked, but they seem to be getting 'new attention' at this time...I am also 'in the money' on my new holding of STAG (yield about 6% and pays monthly)...! $tagg...!

    • Stagg

      thank you, I have looked at PSEC very closely wow 12% divi and a good quarter to boot. Clor and price target good, BarChart 100% buy MSN no rating Market Edge ranked a buy, Fidelity says vet bearish .1 score! A financial company that seems to be doing great! I was expecting the taper announcement and the Bank investigation by the DOJ, to kill this market --not!
      I go my order in. Mark can you possibly comment on PSEC

      we got one great board

    • Stagg, yes great earnings for PSEC. Also, they indicated that the dividend will be maintained through the end of the year at the current level. The only concern I have is that with such good numbers and the dividend this might be a very good time for a secondary offering. If that should happen, we might get some shares on a dip. Good luck to all.

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      • Thanks youse guys for bringing PSEC to the table. I've owned ARCC for years, in the $9 range and have been very happy with it. Been looking for something additional in the BDC space to replace a couple of mREITs I disposed of a couple of months ago (WMC, ARCC). Started a position in PSEC this morning and will look to increase if the stock corrects or a secondary is announced. Love the monthly payouts and they just announced their dividends for JAN, FEB, and MAR. I also noticed a small, 1/4 penny increase every month. This board is getting similar to the old Fording Board where lots of money was made. Great contributions from all.


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