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  • staggman99 staggman99 Sep 28, 2013 12:26 PM Flag


    Board members...I guess this is one of those days that I am disagreeing with almost everybody...I 'do not' feel that the Keystone Pipeline is a good deal for the U.S.A.,...first, the 40,000 jobs will only be temporary, second, it is good for Canada to get their oil refined and exported to other countries (but we don't need their oil), third, it will probably put a strain on our refineries and lead to 'higher gasoline/fuel prices' in the U.S.,...again, it is good for Canada but little, if any, benefit for the U.S., and it will probably hurt the income of U.S. oil companies (law of supply and demand)..! $tagg...!

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    • The increase of jobs will be for the initial build out and then at the refineries, so there is an immediate and lasting increase in employment. I am not sure how more oil increases the cost of gas at the pump. I am concerned about fed and state increasing taxes for our lagging maintenance on infrastructure causing the price at the pump to jump.

      I understand the environmental concerns, oil can spill and it is messy to clean up, but it can spill just as easily when shipped via rail or ship. It is generally a far worse event if something goes wrong via rail or tanker, take a look at the recent Quebec Canadian rail tragedy in July which wiped out half a town and everyone knows the impact of tankers running aground. I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages though I may be biased, as I do have a stock that would significantly benefit from the passing of the keystone pipeline.

    • Stagg I agree 100%.
      If this crud ever spills, and it will, it is living hell to clean up.

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      • Living hell to clean up in the ocean. Very manageable on land.

      • Lakeed
        I disagree the Keystone Pipe line would be awesome for America and for creating jobs short term and long term. And from what I have read we are talking about 200,000 over all jobs. And no job last a life time, I have worked since I was 12 yr old, I have learned one thing, politicians love big gov't and Nuff said, as now I am getting political--not good at all..........

        I do not have a problem with Canada's nat gas and oil - Oh, and I would rather ship the oil here than to have Canada ship it their coast for shipping to China and Japan--If the oil comes to USA we will build the refining capacity and ship the by product at a profit to all who will buy it--that is basic economy 101- And for spills , yes thee do happen, but never catastrophic, IMHO.
        You got to break an egg to make an omelet-yes.
        JMHO is all
        have a great weekend
        I read that corn crops are to wet this year and we also have a bumper crop --Stagg is true

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