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  • marklibera marklibera Apr 21, 2014 10:28 AM Flag


    All three of these are getting hit hard this morning on the news that Hedgeye (the same firm that started the LINE and KMP negative reports) are recommending shorting all three. Hedgeye is supposed to issue a "report" on April 24. Needless to say that people and the trading algorithms will sell first and ask questions later. Might be an opportunity to pick up some after a big decline. I am already heavily exposed to these names.

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    • Shorting energy just before the 3rd and 4th quarters, period of highest global energy demand, seems like pure folly to me. Of course, I am a mere amateur.

    • Mark, I also have an exposure to APL and ARP. Unwilling to add more, and expect BS to pass in time.

    • mark...I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the REIT's are making a nice run today as are a lot of other high yield this time, I am adding more DVHL (yield about 18% or more and pays monthly) seems a lot of oil and natural gas companies keep 'cooking the books and playing games' with the shareholders...I don't follow KMP but the negative reports on LINE have been proven 'to be true'...

      That said, even though GLNG and GLOG are down today, it would be hard to beat the Total Returns on them leading gainer YTD is STAG and I bought it because of the name (that don't say much for my research does it, ???)....! Good luck on your holdings...! $tagg...!

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      • Stagg, the mREITs are not actually returning to past glory. WMC finally stopped going down and NYMT is catching a bid, but both are off from previous highs. As for property REITS, STAG is still off of its previous high, although I like what it is doing. I am playing the industrial REIT space with GPT. I think STAG is small enough that it could be acquired by a bigger competitor, but one shouldn't play for acquisitions because they may not come and the premium could be small. You slam LINE, but STAG and many property REITS share the same type of challenges -- always having to acquire more properties and not pay too much, the movement in interest rates and property valuations, financing these properties with debt.
        I do not believe that more oil and nat gas companies are cooking the books than any other company. You have to be careful if you start throwing stones because others could look at the JF companies and see plenty of interrelated transactions and wonder if they are trying to cover up shortfalls. The fact is that Hedgeye is being sued in Connecticut for making false claims about being a money manager when they have no money under management. They probably aren't actually short, but those with the courage to buy when their short recommendations get extremely oversold can make money. I believe LINE bottomed at $19 last year and is now $28 (which beats the return on SFL and SDRL), so those that were patient and ignored the Hedgeye bull, made some nice money.

      • stagg,
        Negative reports on LINE have been proven to be true? My impression is just the opposite. Thorough investigation by SEC and no enforcement action taken. Some accounting adjustments, perhaps, but bottom line, it is a good thing for LINE in the long run. I see a company not unlike a boa constrictor that just swallowed a full grown antelope. It may take a while to digest and the animal may be sluggish for awhile, but the longer term result is positive. Kinder Morgan has been and will in the future be one of the major beneficiaries of the US oil and gas boom. I welcome the extra scrutiny the energy MLPs are getting. Kinder got a clean bill of health from the SEC and the medicine prescribed makes them even more solid as investments.

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