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  • rogers2308 rogers2308 Apr 22, 2014 1:27 PM Flag

    What is the current opinion on SFL & SDRL.

    I have not been following either very well, even though I own SDRL and have added on dips, seems like more dips than growth lately. Thanks.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • rogers...I feel that both SFL and SDRL will shine bright later on this year...I like SFL the best because they should show a strong increase in revenue from more ships out on lease and an increase in revenue from another off-shore drilling rig that just went into, there will probably be a lot of profit sharing later on (quite a bit from FRO)...

      SDRL in my opinion is having some 'short term growing pains' but will also shine later on this year (maybe not as bright as SFL) opinion, is that SDRL is growing very fast (almost to fast, ???) as it is now a basket of different off-shore leased out drilling rigs (which lowers their liability)...SeaMex should show strong growth as it is tied to may also want to take a look at AWLCF (yield about 22% after fees)...a lot of investors feel it is high risk because they only have two off-shore drilling rigs...however, there is still a good risk vs reward factor, in my opinion...

      SFL, SDRL and AWLCF are all core holdings of mine with SFL and SDRL being the largest...! Good luck on
      your selections...! $tagg...!

    • I have been down on SDRL since it broke over $40....Too much capacity and the price of oil is sure to go down given the state of the world economy, IMO. Day rates are the key. Read latest analysys by Seeking Alpha...very good picture. Price lowered to $36. a share also doess not bode well for SDRL...I would be a buyer under the $30. price level. SFL looks much stronger..I would buy on dips under $17.

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      • Gambler - Man
        I like SDRL a lot
        Last night J Cramer had HAL CEO on his show--wow knock out earning and a super rosy picture for the future--with huge emphasis on growing USA oil assets! Especially Permian...
        I will hold SDRL and agree with many others that SDRL will shine and enjoy the huge Divi's

        SFL will rule in 2014--IMHO shipping rates are up and going higher hence more $$$ for SFL
        Thanks for all you do for us novices like me Gambler
        PS: My BX is doing swell and I bought TWO and MLPL NYMT --hoping for a great divi year. Look at T
        So far my gamble with T is simply grand and with earning disappointing yesterday, it is time to by more on today sell off--get some ?
        I also sold covers Sept covered Calls for some extra income....

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