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  • robert.vince robert.vince May 17, 2013 7:20 AM Flag

    GreenPolkaDotBox announced Living Produce

    We have secured all the relevant domain names, for Living Produce and ProducebySpec. I will explain. Beginning in Utah and then spreading across the U.S. we plan to develop a number of local Living Produce Growing Centers ("LPGC"). See the map below which defines the local cities and regions in the sequence whereby we intend to build them.
    Each site will have the initial capacity to serve 30,000 to 40,000 Members within next-day delivery. Our goal is to develop a minimum of 15 sites, serving approximately 600,000 Members by the end of 2015.

    If you're worried about the cost, don't be. The minimum order for Living Produce using our Total Flex™ auto-ship will start at only $14.95 per week! And that includes free next day delivery!

    Benefits of Living Produce

    Superior Plant Nutrients: Our proprietary growing technology delivers the full spectrum of nutrients required for healthy, sustainable plant growth. You'll be able to see and taste the difference. But you'll also see the vitamin/mineral content of each plant and their respective benefits in promoting a strong, healthy immune system.
    Living Plants: In most cases, the produce we will be offering is alive when harvested and delivered, next day, to your door. The plants we deliver free to you can remain alive for 7-10 days before they begin to deteriorate.
    Year-Round Availabilty: Our Living Produce will be grown in "closed" indoor, climate controlled growing centers, enabling year-round production of your favorite varieties and other rare species that are sometimes very hard to get.
    Lowest Pricing with FREE Home Delivery: Our proprietary growing technology facilitates development of beautiful nutrient dense plants of many pleasing varieties at very low cost, well below produce available through traditional delivery systems including retail, Co-op, CSA and Farmer's markets, starting at only $14.95 with free, next day delivery.

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    • Less Environmental Impact: Produce growth with vertical technology requires about 1/8th of the land mass normally required for production and only 5% of the water normally required. But that's not all. With some varieties the growing cycle is only 30-days, meaning that we can get up to 12 times the normal yield of traditionally grown plants. We plan on using geothermal heating and cooling systems wherever possible. Also, because the plants are living when shipped minimal packaging is required.
      Enhanced Food Safety: Because vertical growing can take place in "closed system" greenhouse facilities we can maintain a sterile growing and handling environment. Unlike with organically grown crops in outdoor environs, we can eliminate plant contamination from animal feces and urine, transfer of feces from human picking and handling, airborne pathogens, and downwind over spray of toxic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. You food supply of fresh harvested produce will be safer than ever.
      Living Produce: A big part of our future
      As you can tell we plan to make a big investment in the development and expansion of Living Produce for your benefit. When you stop to consider that the average GPDB member will spend approximately $60 - $80 per month on Living Produce, in addition to about $180 per month on all other groceries available at Green PolkaDot Box you can easily understand that in just a few short years Green PolkaDot Box will be an economic force for good in the marketplace. With over 600,000 members spending about $3,000 annually ($1.8 billion) we will have very strong bargaining power and positive influence over food producers and manufacturers who are wondering whether there is a market for non-GMO foods.

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