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  • Networthdev Networthdev Mar 29, 2002 8:41 PM Flag

    we could see easily 68 3/4 beforedown

    I think maybe even higher.

    RKY just added revenue with the UK purchase. Price to sales is going to look very good, plus they indicate that the purchase will be acreative to earnings.

    • You guys are poor excuses for speculators . Your all green beetween the ears . I've followed Coke and what they want. it's called lots of profits! Now the soda market is tapped out read KO's 10k but beer is a market they know, it's called beverages! now the Coor's family is conservative as sin, they didn't buy Carling in England if they didn't have a deal with someone that wanted a Global presence. Did toy think the stock is going up everyday cause it's random ! it's Coke as the buyer and the price for a global beer company is above 103 in KO shares. One more aquisition for RKY perhaps a merger with the big south africa beer company or in australia then into KO's arms!