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  • captain_schmuckatelli captain_schmuckatelli Jul 30, 2009 11:13 AM Flag

    One Big Ass Mistake America!

    We could argue until we're all "blue" in the face!
    But, shitrbtz, I'm afraid these numbers tell it all!

    If I recall, W's numbers were a tad higher than bambam's here but then again, at least W knew how to fix things! LMAO!!

    Oh yeah, have a blessed day! It is right to give the American people thanks and praise! LOL!

    da schmuck

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    • I can't believe how many neo-cons like you are thrilled that we apparently live in a country where you can be arrested for raising your voice in your own house.

      It IS stupid that they arrested him and any copper(s) that could not diffuse "that particular" situation without the need to arrest Professor Gates don't deserve to be wearing their badges.

      And while everyone is busy crying now about the poor woman that made the phone call and who the police screwed over by telling everyone that she reported two black men breaking into a home they should also remember that President Obama never mentioned race either. He just said the police were stupid for arresting a home owner once it had been established that he lived there. AND HE WAS RIGHT!

      Unless everyone is mad that he then pointed out the fact that black and hispanic men have historically been stopped far more by police than white men in this country. Well boo-fucking-hoo! The truth hurts sometimes.

    • I've got plenty of the contender for bambam's job in 2012!!! LOL moment!!

      It is right to give the American people praise and thanks!!

      Still waiting for any investment advice regarding YGE from you (that's mnmarket's minimum fee for participation on this public board.) Or, are you just another political mouthpiece??? Another LOL moment!!

      da schmuck

    • Whatever you say Joe... Have another beer and keep the dream alive little buddy.

      Mom's from Scranton, my great-Uncle died in a coal mine accident. They'll all find a way and be much better off in the long run.

      You'll see - President Bush saved the poor Iraqis and President Obama will save the poor Coal Miners. Except President Obama won't have hundreds of thousands of them killed and millions of them running from bombs first. (Oh yes I did!)

      Have some faith brother! lol

    • Actually my middle name IS Joe. That's a classic elitist left-wing socialist reply to the potential plight of Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania coal miners. However, since you're BFS, we all understand! LOL! (Notice: I just prefer to chuckle out loud and never roll around on the floor like a matter how funny I may think I am. I'd have to be BFS to do that! Now, that's a LOL moment!!) I don't install shit when people tell me, " yeah...beautiful system but I ain't got no spare green right now! Come back in a few." I tell 'em "how's about 2012" and they all just laugh with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      da schmuck

    • I see mnmarket has you trained nicely. lol

      Can you get him to roll over market? Or how about play dead?

      I feel so bad for those poor little Ohio kids too. Imagine having to grow up and not being able to go into a mine every day... "The horror... the horror..."

      You don't install shit sitting at that computer all day schmeckel. We're gonna have to call you Joe the Solar Installer. ROTFLMAO!

    • mnmarket,
      I posted YGE relevant info this morning.

      Why don't you bother shitrbtz for some YGE relevant info??? Why just me???
      I'm just a residential solar system installer with a political opinion. I'd rather the cap and trade bill die in congress rather than pass because though I'm a YGE owner, I'm an American first. I do not want to see Ohio's unemployment cruise past 20% as coal goes under!
      You see, from my perspective, stocks, and particularly alternative energy stocks and the political sphere are inextricably weaved together.
      So, now I'm anxiously awaiting something tangibly understandable from shitrbtz regarding YGE!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      da schmuck

    • da schmuck,

      A few months back, you used to post relevant information on YGE. What happened? Now, all you do is bash leadership. Trust me, I have my opinions on them too, especially on Nancy Pelosi. Even Obama to an extent. But I dont feel its necessary on a stock board... even more so on a Chinese company stock board.

    • One Big Ass Mistake America!

      So, you'd rather just take profits while your country burned around you??

      Hey Fair, another BFS!

      Just remember, it's still a free country and this is still supposed to be free speech, correct? Right under my screen name you'll find two words, Ignore User. Click there and your problems will be over!

      da schmuck

    • And yet here comes the judge and Health Care reform is moving along nicely... LOL!

      Glad to see your love affair with polls is continuing schmeckel.

      I keep you up at nights, don't I? :-)

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