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  • ynexmp ynexmp Aug 6, 2009 2:07 PM Flag

    Something is up with YGE..

    It's not holding well the past days. Seems like this will go lower before earnings.

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    • Buy on the rumor sell on the news. Works 80-90% of the time. The earnings are coming and the stock will probably drop a buck or two.

    • Simply Amazing!!! CSIQ jumps $3+ in a day and YGE will report better than expected and probably better than CSIQ earnings and the WS Gang are dropping the YGE price. $20 in two weeks....WTF are those guys doing?? Buy now and make 30+% in two weeks.



    • Likely that one of the mm's is filling a large buy order at a price below $14. So, they just manipulate the price down to fill. Look at the daily available shares to short. Available shares dropped by 150,000 in the last 2 days. This is how the game the stock - short, buy in lower, short, buy in lower, etc. They also sell short positions amongst themselves to keep it off the SHO list. A great example of this is that when their were 20 million shares short, it wasn't on the SHO list. Now there are 16 million shares short and 900,000 shares available to short. What happened to the other 3.1 million shares that were miraculously covered but didn't add 3 million shares to shares available to short? If the SEC ever did their job even a moron could figure this out. Jail all of them.

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      • It's called naked shorting and floods of FTD's or Failure to Delivers

        YGE has been overbought for awhile and on the NYSE

        solars can get killed much higher % and faster then on the Nasdaq.

        Safer to play solars on the NDAQ

        CSUN is easy money

        Perfect example, SOL is headed to 5, if they were not naked shorted on the NYSE they would be 7 or 8 right now, and 5 after earnings miss, secondary if that is true will = more dilution and high 3's, low 4's

      • There are not enough buyers toprevent this to happen. If there are plenty of folks for still have money,and want to jump in the pool, a short squeeze will happen. The past two year's shock and awe has killed a lot of investors.

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