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  • best_ta_2004 best_ta_2004 Feb 12, 2010 6:21 PM Flag

    Strong technicals mean higher prices.

    It was posted that I "just make this crap up as I go along and am just guessing." Au contraire my analysis of YGE's price action is based on many year's study and application. TA is the best method of price prediction, and as long as its inherent limitations are understood, especially the inability to anticipate new, unexpected news, it works. I repeatedly called this bottom on YGE, and I correctly called both yesterday's and today's close directions. Here is today's TA analysis.

    The action overall is bullish. The OBV, Wm%R and RSI indicators became increasingly bullish today. However the daily candle is a Spinning Top, indicating incertainty. The 20ema is about to penetrate the 200ma, which is bearish. Volume continues to be above average on up days, bullish. The lower BB is starting to climb less sharply, suggestiong the coming trend reversal may not occur abruptly. In view of today's weakness in oil and the equlty markets, YGE held up well.

    In the absence of new bearish news, such as a bad earnings report, or enormous new shorting money, the worst is probably over. It looks like the 12 level will hold, and YGE's share price will begin rising before long. Good luck to all longs. Brace you better cover soon. EOM.

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    • Jealousy is a terrible thing. Your post proves this for sure. If you think you can do better than me why not post on YGE instead of complaining? WHY NOT? If anyone is talking "out of their ass" it's the person who says this, which is you, not me. Keep a civil tongue in your head. I have been trading longer than you, and I post for my pleasure, and to help perfect my methods. YGE is a challenge, it's especially hard to do TA on due to short manipulation and unexpected news. Post your TA OR accept mine. If you disagree or agree post and say WHY? And be careful- your cheese IS slipping and could fall off YOUR cracker- just look at Brace's posts. EOM.

    • Brace yourself Brace for the bad news when you are wrong. I use all available information, TA, FA, and anything else, while your cheese has fallen off your cracker. Good luck to you again, you need it. EOM.

    • brace_hudson_deadahead brace_hudson_deadahead Feb 14, 2010 10:30 PM Flag

      ETFs????? You gotta be kidding!! When you go to Vegas, do you park your chips on the come line??? WOO-HOO """Caution!! Party Animal in da house""""
      Or do you prefer to just put 'em on black or red at the wheel??? LMAO!

      Nothing ventured nothing gained.

      I prefer to bet at the yingli table and place all my chips on >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>8<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      And if you wonder why, look at what happens to the EU this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • "they still will offer an excruciatingly bleak outlook for at least the next two years as they regroup and recoup."

      do you really believe an Asian company is going to offer a bleak outlook? you surly jest if you think that is going to happen.

      suggest you "brace" yourself for that event lol, that is if your
      still around.

      and you know I'll be bumping that little ditty I posted friday.!

    • No need to argue with a rabid skunk.

      SOL board recommends sticking pepper drenched baseball bat into his arse..

    • best_guess_2004,
      Cover? Are you some kind of a rodeo clown?

      Today's MACD reveals the highest high yingli is going to have until earnings.


    • I was the one who said that, but once again, I was not referring to you when I said that, I was responding to a poster who was talking about Brace.

      Brace said something like, "if this doesn't close up 2.5% you guys are screwed"...and someone else said "why does that matter?" and I responded "It doesn't matter, he's (Brace)just making this stuff up as he goes along."

      Man. Don't take these message boards so seriously. I appreciate your technical analysis....but we both know that most of that stuff is voodo, particularly concerning a high beta stock like YGE.

      What is most frustrating about this market for both longs and shorts right now is that there is no clear technical read on future direction. Everyone's waiting for a move either way that can be built upon, but it is not happening. Not yet anyways.

      The fact we have been moving sideways for awhile shows this indecision. Its not just YGE but the whole market. Once we get more clarity for the market, it will be much more rational, and tech analysis will have more meaning.

      Best regards.

      • 2 Replies to do_gooder10
      • OK and thanks for the post. When I get a reply to my post I naturally think it's a reply to me. Unless stated to be otherwise. TA is not voodoo but it has limitations. With YGE's large short interest and unexpected news the method's application is limited, however I am confident in my recent posts. EOM.

      • Technical evaluation has not been very effective for the past couple of years because of massive naked short positions that were put into place starting 2008 that were, in turn, grandfathered by the SEC and allowed to stay on the books. This created tremendous distortions in the trading as they never cleared them out, even when the stock price moved into the low single digits on relatively low volume. Any major covering back then would have caused huge spikes in the share price. So, there they sat with massive uncovered positions. Now that it appears 10 million or more of these non-existent shares have been "covered" and we seem to be trading with actual shares. I suggest that your technical analysis will become progressively more valid and valuable as we continue this process of marginalizing the level of manipulation. Thx for your efforts.

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