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  • brace_hudson_deadahead brace_hudson_deadahead Mar 24, 2010 11:45 AM Flag

    Anyone wonder why Wedbush

    initiated cover on trina with "outperform" and shit on yingli with a price target of $11??????????????????????????????????????

    ...all I hear are stunned mullets slappin' the bottom of the boat!


    You deserve exactly what you're gonna get!

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    • you got the wrong guy, i have many, many

      now can i have that overstretched tutu back....never mind its way way to big, i'm just a little guy

    • dude brace....seriously..lay off the meth. and stop talking to yourself

    • brace_hudson_deadahead brace_hudson_deadahead Mar 26, 2010 10:27 PM Flag

      hahaha! and I thought you weren't creating any more aliases!! lmao!

    • Anyone wonder why Credit Suisse upgraded Trina today???????????????????????????????????????

      Well, you're gonna find out the hard way next week. Remember trina offered a shelf of 9M shares last week, and now they're kickin ass and takin names because they have funds!!!!

      yingli and suntech had better dilute and they better dilute real quick or else they will risk going bk!!!!

      This is what I've been trying to tell you idiots!

      GL next week 'cuz you're gonna need it!!!

    • Let me clear some fog in your head, Brace!!

      Crystalline silicone solar has been a winning profit generating technology from the beginning,
      unlike other technologies that came and disappeared.

      Nano solar is trying to be another wannabe ,but they just fired CEO and hired former Rambus CEO.
      Tate specializes in suing everybody instead of manufacturing real products.
      so they will fizzle into nothing or become a ESLR at best or Rambus copycat.
      FSLR,as you know,is a dying dinosaur because of eroding price advantage.

      Technology is an evolving process.
      Perfection comes from incremental improvements.

      Any paradigm shifting technology will come from one or several companies
      that have strong foot hold in this industry right now,namely, YGE,STP,TSL, SOLF........
      Even if some obscure new comer comes up with a disruptive technology,
      it will take 10-15 years to be profitable if at all it reaches maturity.
      By that time,established companies will already commercialize better technologies.

      Do you think iPhone just came out of a some obscure newcomer??
      It came from a company with decades of innovations ,successes and failures.

      Tube TV is almost obsolete and LCD dominates now.
      Now,who makes best and most LCD??
      Samsung,right??,Samsung made Tube TV for decades.

      Who makes best HyBrid car??or who is gonna bring out real electric car??
      They all gonna come from established car companies.

      I can go on and on,but you get the picture??

      I am all for the wind,I am a believer in global warming,which is why I am investing in solars.
      We need to put as many wind turbines as possible.
      But you can put those only in remote uninhabited windy places.
      You can't put those in your backyard.
      You can't put those in Wilshire bl,LA.
      Many people have phobia of rotating pointed sharp objects.
      Some US inventor came up with a helically rotating turbine,but it is not as efficient as he claim.

      Concentrated solar thermal using molten salt has bigger disadvantages.

      Now,let me see where we can put solar panels.

      Gee!! we can put these suckers anywhere.
      Your rooftop,backyard,awnings, building walls and glass(BIPV),desserts, mountains.......
      And It looks damn sexy and modern.
      Above mentioned companies all do R&D and sell these BIPV tech.

      Like millions of tiny grasshoppers wipe huge farm land in an hour,
      shear number of solar panels everywhere on earth will win the race
      to propel humanity into higher existence.

      So,please, WAKE UP, Brace!!!!

    • brace_hudson_deadahead brace_hudson_deadahead Mar 24, 2010 10:50 PM Flag

      panda, as an apparent long with yingli, you are stuck on stupid! no other way to describe.

      Meanwhile, I'm LMAOATWTTBank!

    • I'm not even going to read this post of yours or any others.

      Too bad cs didn't read that post last night more thoroughly

      I said I had high regard for that other person, and you are not him, of that I'm glad

    • brace_hudson_deadahead brace_hudson_deadahead Mar 24, 2010 10:38 PM Flag

      panda, yeah, so they pushed a lot of product out. But what I see occurring in the solar sector are a few new companies coming into the area and applying really cool and innovative ideas to make the marketing move out exponentially. I mean, big whoop about bumping up panel efficiency 1.71% from the average standard of the last 10 years? Who gives a phlying phuque about that? So, a guy only has to cover 72% of his roof to get his 3.2KW instead of covering 78% of his roof with the cheaper panels??? Where's the ingenuity? The clever application of electrical and mechanical engineering?? I mean if Google can move over from a kick ass search engine company to design a kick ass number of cell phone apps, why can't a forward thinking solar company think of a way to hang a solar sheet out of your second story south-facing window that you can simply plug a 300watt pulling appliance right to??? Hang two and your powering your enegy star rated fridge all sunshiny day. Where's the crazy creative part in all of this? It's no where because the chinese are not very ingenious like the Japanese or South Koreans, or the Europeans for that matter. So, I'm just biding my time as I wait for the mother of all cool ideas that make everyone (not just the sky-is-falling-weirdos-stuck-on-stupid-with-yingli crowd) rock back in their chairs and say I gotta get some a dat!
      Now, observe there are a few new entrants into the solar arena and they ain't no johnny-come-latelys when it comes to funding. Stand by to see some serious fireworks in this sector, and I do mean serious!!! And sadly, for you guys, it ain't coming from yingli with their mega-boring panda technology.
      And as much as I hate to say this and boost ditzil's shallow ego, the solar revolution is going to be like Apple's iPhone to the cellular world. Paradigm shifting to the max!! Dinosaurs like suntech and yingli are going to be hung out to dry! Look at windpower and what's going on there! Super neat stuff! Low impact, low cost, helical, low altitude, reliant on heat emitted by roof...all kinds of good forward thinking stuff...meanwhile there's yingli and suntech working on getting another .34% efficiency out of a panel (like those monkeys trying to get the meat out of those hard shelled nuts while there are yummy bananas hanging all about!! hahaha!) Crazy! ....and that's not even mentioning the outright corruption of the chinese guvmint in all forms of national commerce. That's a totally different subject but part of the reason for their lack of innovative thought when it comes to new ideas.

      I'm just glad I'm short this sector but mostly, the chinese solar mass-production sector. To call it anything else is a disservice to respectable, global solar innovators.

    • Here are two of your comments that I can remember on Trina in 2 days, but I know there are more. Now your saying Trina is the only safe solar bet. Boy you are something. You'll say anything to make a buck won't you. Well good for the Trina & Stp board, please hurry over there will ya. Tia.

      "Trina's already admitted as much that they offered that shelf because they needed capital for their lab and credit wasn't happening in China. Apparently, the spigot has been turned off there, too!! hahahaha!"

    • Mikeyoo,
      That's why you are long yingli. Over at STP, bring it! I've got almost three bucks coming into my scottrade per share from $14.13. Like it or not, my friend, STP is about to get it bad! Trina is the only safe solar bet. IMO, trina took that shelf to get china behind 'em and keep that building tsunami of badness away. Yingli will never see that state lab in Baoding, nor the American plant. TSL is hot! STP is not! and yingli is stuck in the pot! rike numbah tree special! hahahaha!

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