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  • raethermark raethermark Jul 23, 2012 9:33 PM Flag

    Do not sell!

    The entire solar sector is getting annihilated for logical reasons (lowering costs and over capacity) so don't feel so bad about your specific yge holding. There will be a bottom soon so start building positions in yge and hold! If you've been holding and your average is around $6, do not sell, you will gett your money back within the next year. The chances of yge going bankrupt are there but it will probably not happen as grid parity should be reached within a couple years and there are weaker companies like ldk who will go bankrupt before yge. Unlike ldk and even fslr, yge has not "hinted" any negative news like cutting workforce, not paying employees (ldk), or a significant cut in shipments.

    Margins have dropped significantly and long term debt has not been reduced but these are "growing pains" and those who can sustain will shine and reward you in the long run.

    Again, I'm not saying the bottom is in, but the downside risk is becoming less and less everyday yge goes lower.

    I don't quite understand why yge is so big on continued soccer sponsorships though, especially because they are not cheap. Either they know something or they are simply betting on it with borrowed money. A pr update on the company would be much more appreciated then soccer sponsorship news!

    There are weaker companies in the solar industry so hold on to your shares or start building a position now and hold for a couple years..... you will be rewarded nicely!

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    • When you post this on July 23, YGE was $2.28 and now is $1.65. So do you still recommend that?

    • I don't think the drop in yge was for any company related news. If yge was the only stock that fell today in the solar sector, then sure, it had to do with something insiders knew about. Spwr and fslr also fell quite a bit so it was just another bad day. If you noticed, it fell a lot in the first 30 min on avg volume which indicates wall street bullying to scare us off. If it fell on high volume then there shoul have benn some news.

      I've been in your position before and have regretted it after selling for a big loss. Hold on to your shares long term and you'll get your money back. Don't read too much as a single bad read could make you sell, you know.

      If yge drops .10 everyday for the next 2 months it'll go to virtually zero, and that's not going to happen. I would not avg down at this point though. Yge will definitely go back to 5.50 even if it will take a year. They are one of the largest tier 1 manufacturers and have invested too much to just let go.

      I know it's hard, but hold on tight and try not to look everyday, it'll drive you nuts!

    • Why do you suspect the stock dropped ~9% (12% intraday) on no news. I fear someone knows bad news is on the horizon. I have been holding since 5.50 and averaging down and I can say it has been extremly painful to say the least. I was very close to through in the towel today.

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