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  • lakeviewave lakeviewave Mar 18, 2011 6:32 PM Flag

    Weekly Revenue Tracking

    generally you have the outlook correct, sinclair broadcasting also had a similar good report plus a special december 2010 dividend along with the reinstatement of a regular dividend going forward. lin is actually in somewhat better balance sheet and cash flow position than sinclair broadcasting which is primarily a Fox affiliated operation compared to lin.
    tv is not going back to the go-go 1990s and those outrageous broadcash flow valuations but at 2011-2012 improving cash flows they are too cheap now. Finally lin and sinclair are generating significant new must carry compensation from the cable/satelite carriers and internet/website new revenue sources. The Street will eventually find tv broadcasters again but it is remarkable that no news sources picked up lin's quite good turnaround. Tim H former industry financial guy and analyst.