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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Aug 8, 2012 5:29 PM Flag

    $5 Soon

    I think $5 is just around the corner. Last quarter we all thought they had ceased their repurchase and then found out they were still buying 20,000+/- shares each trading day......and getting it cheap. Now, great news, upward revisions and company is still buying 20,000+/- shares every day pushing stock up every single day. If we get someone else interested in making a large buy we could rock. I still think $5+ before EOM. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see it by end of next week. DaninFW

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    • Dan

      Hope you are right!

      Although there are real questions concerning
      whatever "long term" means in this market
      environment---one hears/reads that with
      high frequency trading superimposed on
      actively traded hedge funds, day traders,
      momentum players etc. 70% of the stocks
      being traded are held for less than 30 seconds--
      presents some challenges to anyone thinking
      of holding a stock for any length of time--

      In any event for anyone thinking in terms of
      a 2014 time frame, I did some very preliminary
      work a few days ago concerning TVL cash flow
      with the acquisition completed---Do not have my notes
      with me but the bottom line:

      By end of 2014 debt could be reduced from
      $900,000,000 after the close of acquisition
      to $800,000,000.

      The company in 2013 and 2014 could fund
      $.42 annual dividend

      Capital spending at $30,000,000 in each
      of those years--

      Approximately $40,000,000
      cash on balance sheet at end of 2014

      The numbers were "rough" but should be in
      the ballpark

      Everyone should do their own due diligence--
      of course--a lot of things can happen to "upset
      the applecart"

      Thanks again Dan and GLTA