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  • fiero7168 fiero7168 Mar 5, 2009 1:25 PM Flag


    For ushering in this new state of prosperity and change. For fiscal responsibility and eliminating earmarks.
    For BHO, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank(aka elmer fudd)...etc.
    For taking my tax dollars and buying houses(habitat for humanity), food, cars, cable for the poor welfare recipients who refuse to work but have no problem popping out kids(aka octomom)
    For creating a whole generation of people dependant on the government(expanding the base)

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    • There is plenty of blame to go around here but it was the Democrats who wanted everyone in a house and refused to aknowledge fannie may and freddie mack were a potential problem. Republicans tried to stop this mess before it happened. Just go to YouTube and watch the whole thing unfold. -THE CONSERVATIVE RESISTANCE upsetting liberals with facts

    • I have never been scared of a president before but this guy creeps me out. Obama and the dems preach about helping poor people but cutting the tax deductibility on charities is a good way to increase suffering and so is taxing the rich who create most of the jobs in this country. Redistributing wealth will lead to class warfare aka "Tea Party" and civil unrest. Not to mention giving money to Palestinians/Hamas take your pick(talk about supporting the wrong side). Now he wants to focus on healthcare when we can't even afford the entitlement programs we already have? WTF? This guy is a complete disaster and I don't have to wait 4 years to say it! Oh and honest McCain still trying to stop pork barrel spending gets shot down how sad is this. -THE CONSERVATIVE RESISTANCE

    • Apologists for Mr. Obama on this board keep talking about the fact he has only been president a short time. True, however, his actions in this short period indicate a clear intent to radically change the country and threaten the economy. Take the proposal to eliminate , or reduce , the tax deductions of the wealthy for giving to charities. The charities themselves say this will greatly reduce their income. What few people seem to be saying is this will put the charities, and the people they assist in the hands of the "government". Obama, the Redeemer, seems headed to make more and more citizens dependent on the government. Machiavelli would be pleased.

    • Have owned HTE PWE PVX for years. All good companies in safe stable Canada. WAAAY underwater on all three. Also believe they will comeback but........
      Lately retiring home equity debt which wife wanted to do all along. Guess she was right.
      Politically? Both parties very much in love with putting people in homes they could not maintain. Well intentioned but foolish.
      My opinion is that much of this is cyclical oversupply. I had a neighbor who was a builder and was on the hook for over 100 houses in various stages of finance and construction. He also had very serious chronic health problems and sadly committed suicide.
      I think a better day is coming and will come quickly when it does but things are tough right now.

    • geeeee, it seems like an epidemic of irrational pre-judgement on many of these boards, and borders on under-the-covers racism painted over by 'economic concerns'.

      to whit - 8 years of destroying a thriving political economy and the many posters here condemn obama who has only been in office less than 1.5 months.


    • Thank you Republicans. You gave to world this economic crisis, you gave is the worst president in U.S. history, you were handed a budget surplus, and now you gave us a deficit that is so humongous, that most of it held by China holding the U.S. by the balls. Soon they will change the name of America to AmeriChina. Thank you for Dick Cheney, thank you for Condoleza Rice, thank you for having made Iran what Iran about the AMD in Iraq. thank you for having OBl still on the loose....

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      • Another Moron. You need to get your information from some place besides Saturday night Live and your co-workers at Burger King. Only Congress can Legislate. All Legislation must start in the House. The Majority party controls the Legislation which is brought to the Floor of the House.It takes 218 votes to pass that Legislation. The Democrats have had over 230 since Jan 2007 in the House and did not need one Republican vote. Even Bill Clinton said that this mess could have been stopped as late as late as 1 1/2 years ago.If you are too stupid to get your knowledge from anyplace but SNL then you hopefully you aren't so stupid that you can't google " Glass Stegall act" and who signed the repeal of it which allowed the Banks to go into this Territory. Also google "Eugene Ludwig" who revived the CRA which foreced Banks to loan to Low Income people etc. Hint: This all happened in 1999. It doesn't make much difference if the people you associate with are as dumb as yourself but I wouldn't repeat that it was solely the Republcans fault in the company of anybody smarter than yourself or anybody with an IQ over 99.

    • You're far from alone on this.