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  • brow151wear257 brow151wear257 Mar 8, 2012 8:11 PM Flag

    PVX , Per Cramer

    Someone called Cramer this Tues and asked

    about PVX . Cramer said he will get back

    on it Frid. I don't look at Cramer being

    a 100% on a stock but I do learn from him.

    Good luck.

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    • Some thoughts.

      I always find it helpful to keep in mind Cramer's point of reference when looking at his advise.
      First is that does not believe in buy and hold. So for him he is looking for short term purchases that he can get a good return on quickly. He is not really an investor so much a a trader. So his point that PVX is dead money is from the point of view that there is not a whole lot of further upside to PVX post merger announcement. I understand that.

      Secondly this is more my opinion then anything I can point to so this just may be me making excuses for him. He was asked about PVX and not about the combined company post merger. I can see why he would not mention that they will plan to be listed on the NYSE, any upside as a result of this nor what the future prospects of the new company will be.

      I'm in my mid 30s and plan on holding and reinvesting the div through my retirement. Cramer's advise is just not suited for investors that are geared towards the long term like me and most of the others posting or reading this board.

    • when it comes to PVX, Cramer doesn't know what he's talking about.