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  • pkpython24 pkpython24 Feb 18, 2011 11:38 AM Flag

    pslv busts through all time high

    more to come as this rally as 100 legs and running fast glad i got in at 11.64 on feb 24!!! holding

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    • Looking great really breaking out! More upside from here I wouldn't sell for quite a while!

      Glad I got in at Silver at $6/oz back in 2002! LOL

      Gladd I got into PSLV at $11.3 on 11/22/2010...10,000 shares very nice return...

      Sure hope the shorts are covering (hear that JPM?).


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      • Impressive move over the past two days.

        Short covering is pushing the price up - too far, too fast. This is fun.

        But note, prices will correct at some point. Next week ? We will see.

        Or will silver head to $40, before the next major correction ? ? ? ?

        Premiums on 1oz coins, continues to expand. Premium on gold coins is also higher.

        Different coins have different premiums. The gold buffalo has the highest premium, indictive of short supply.

        Watch the expansion and contraction of the premiums to lead movements in PM prices.


        The US dollar is down, adding strengh to silver.

        Next week, the Euro could fall, due to debt problems, causeing the US Dollar to rise - - -

        A rise in the US Dollar, will put pressure on silver.

        Silver is at a lofty level. The lofty level can even go higher and higher.

        Wild price movements, in both directions.

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