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  • buzz60016 buzz60016 May 3, 2011 1:30 PM Flag

    Bloomberg: China to buy 1 trillion in GOLD >>

    The corrections are painful. Steep and scary.

    I believe, China will be moving away from the US Dollar, and into precious metals.

    Until we know, what the US Fed will do about QE3, as QE2 expires June 30, the metals market could correct lower, or this could the bottom ?

    Or there could sideways action, with big swings, both up and down.

    Comex has little silver in its inventor. Coin dealers were out of silver coins last week, but I suspect weak hands are selling back to coin dealers on this correction.

    When Silver goes above $50 this summer, or sooner, those who purchased here, will be glad they did. Just as those who hold, will be happy, they did not sell.

    Inflation is only going to get worse, as we move foreward. Oil could drop a little more to $95, commodities could ease some in liquidation of weak hands. But inflation is here, and will get worse over time.

    Nothing moves in a straight line. Corrections are normal in markets.

    Buy a little every month. Over a period of time, you will accumulate wealth.

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