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  • huhhwhatyoutalkinabout huhhwhatyoutalkinabout Jul 28, 2009 2:15 PM Flag

    Locked And Loaded And Shorting Some More

    Wow, did they really guide to .20 next Quarter. Good God Almight. The AVERAGE estimate was for .28. The LOW was for at LEAST .22. They aren't even hitting the LOW estimate. Times are a tough at OLN. This was a no brainer, folks. Maybe you gun totting dopes will now realize that there is no money to be made investing in a ammunition manufacturer that also dabbles in bleach and other caustic chemicals...

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    • Thanks to the long legged, mack daddy Obama following the Bush mideast war policy, there will be continued demand for ammunition. We can also thank Obama and Co. for continued shortages of ammo for us "gun totting dopes". Winchester's record sales and profits will continue to grow for at least three more years. Thanks to the gun (and ammo) salesman of the year, Barack H. Obama.

      huhhwhatyou, hope you borrow my stock to short, because I would like to think my dividend check is coming from you.

    • You missed your opportunity to short yesterday before earnings. There are much better short candidates. Try a stock that doesn't expect to make money next quarter, has a high beta, that has a high pe and doesn't pay such a good divi. Oh, and is oversold.

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