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    • I took a quick glance at the financial figures
      from Wescam. Interesting company. I can not make any
      comments on who the scam artists are as I have not been
      involved as a customer.

      I did notice a couple of
      things that worry me about WSC.TO. The company's
      accounts receiveables and inventory have grown much faster
      than sales the last couple of years. Sometimes that is
      a warning that 1) they are giving easy sales terms
      (long time to pay) and 2) the product isn't going out
      the door. This was a kiss of death at Commodore
      Computer (and was there for all to see for a couple of

      These are preliminary observations. Lunch time isn't
      long enough to do complete due diligence by myself.
      Perhaps someone has already explored these issues and can
      provide insight that will save me time. Or perhaps
      someone can pick up where I have left off at this time. I
      also did not completely check out these ratios for
      FLIR so they may be in the same



    • Perhaps one of the reasons Wescam continues to
      win these contracts is that unlike FLIR, they are not
      a bunch of SCAM artists. I have purchased from both
      and can tell you that both have had problems but only
      Wescam has any real integrity. Flir operates on the
      promise anything and bluff when we cannot deliver
      something that works within a year of it's promised arrival

    • How can the difference in P/E between wsc ( for a yahoo quote)and flir be justified?

      for the latest wsc win see:

    • Interesting results, huh? Expect Q4 to at a
      minimum meet analysts expectations, even if they are
      slightly increased.

      Really nice problem to have
      last quarter: decreased sales; increased revenues.
      Difficult, yet encouraging, to see that coming.

      they pick up sales volume on new margins, and Q4
      figures look real good.


    • What do you really want to know Reiver? Just
      curious...perhaps if you want, you could send me an

      Since you have email on yahoo, and I have email on would make sense to email me on

      Interesting stuff coming out on FLIR? Let's hope for all our
      investments in this company that they will pull off a stellar
      4th Q. I think it has been tradition that they have,
      and I don't see why they won't this time.

    • FLIR exceeded my projections by quite a bit. I
      had said revenues would be $48M with eps of $.30 to

      Based on purely statistical analysis, next quarter
      revenues will be in the $70M range with EPS around $.57.
      While the revenue projection looks very optimistic, the
      eps target is certainly reachable (and beatable) My
      warranted market value for end of 2000 is 3-5X current
      prices. This company is really


    • nvestig8tor, contact me when at your earliest opprotunity.

    • Thanks Jim for those enlightening words. Reading
      between the lines, all the other segments are working what is Portland doing? No numbers from the old
      PDX bunch!

      It is almost as if the company
      should just be Inframetrics and Agema, and sell off the
      PDX branch since they have not shown as much progress
      as the other production centers.

    • FLIR's current position is this:

      Q3 is
      still up in the air on numbers. I will tell you this,
      it is going to be close, however, and I have spoken
      to one of the analysts that tracks FLIR, and they
      are getting nervous.

      FLIR has painted a rosy
      picture, and consequently, the analysts have reacted as
      such, yet FLIR needs to meet expectations. I truly
      don't know how FLIR is going to do on Q3 earnings, but
      expect some long overdue downgrades if FLIR fails to
      meet expectations again.

      The upside is that I
      do KNOW that Q3 is going to be VERY close to meeting
      expectations with a very strong finish in both the government
      and the commercial business segments.

      Regarding V.P.'s cashing out: I am not sure I would
      characterize their positions as "losing faith" but rather as
      "hedging their bets." I assume their fear is the same as
      mine, and that another less than expected quarter would
      be more devasting than a "meeting expectations"
      quarter will be beneficial.

      FLIR has had
      significant trouble with the FIREFLIR, and this one of the
      products/market segments that they expected to contribute to the
      forecasted numbers. Analysts expectations are partially
      derived from those forecasted sales numbers, and the
      FIREFLIR sales have been dismal.

      Regarding the
      Planar issue: I do not think it is really relevant that
      Stringer is on the BOD as far as an acquistion is
      concerned, but if FLIR has been successful anywhere, it has
      been keeping their acquistions very

      Lastly, someone mentioned that the old Inframetrics was
      leading the way in profits for a division, and that they
      were surprised by this, that is no surprise to anyone
      at FLIR. This "new" business segment is the best of
      Inframetrics and the best of Agema combined. The best
      products, the best management, the best sales force, the
      best marketing, etc. This division is EXPECTED to
      perform at a high level of sales and profits. Competition
      in this market has been significantly stiffled and
      this division above all else is where profit is and
      will be coming from.

    • My comment was aimed at the personal slams on
      this site. Flir has great products and, from what I
      understand, has made some very positive management changes in
      the last six months. I look forward to some
      improvements in the stock prices but I don't think anybody's
      going to get rich with this stock in the short term.

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