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  • mbr041076 mbr041076 Apr 16, 2014 3:39 PM Flag

    think about this......

    in 45 days washington state goes live with recreation MJ also, some one or group dosen't want this to happen all over america... already putting out propaganda about brain changing effects that MJ causes... not to the good mind ya, but all negative, all the drunks out there that are already brain dead is O.K. this is all political in nature you can bet the farm on it !! CANN, PHOT , i hope shove it in their face, and the people will decide what they want, not the federal government and all the cronies polititions who want to fill their pockets first before anyone else has a chance to prosper. this will be interesting to see and follow how much the FEDS hands will be involved from here on out, watching intensely their ever move, how they scrutnize each MJ stock as time passes and more states get involved will be critical for the business involved.. glta