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  • the_great_mentor the_great_mentor Mar 20, 2002 1:21 PM Flag


    Greetings, my little ones. The board has quieted down quite a bit. Interesting, in light of the climb in the stock price.BUT I am pleased that hostility of earlier times has disappeared. Thank you.

    Blessings upon each and every one. Think peaceful thoughts.

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    • Salutations, great_mentor,

      I agree, the dearth of postings has been most interesting. I'm amazed that there's been so few, "I told you so" posts. To me it implies that both the bulls/bears might equally be mystified at the stock's recent performance. Will it last? This market, as you know, is so tentitive.

      Too, this is a period of news "blackout", wherein little information is forthcoming as to issues that can impact performance. This is a crucial quarter for the Company, however; and they gotta come in with some positive news. But who knows what announcement might come, on any given day, that could either launch SRV into the stratosphere or plunge it toward lower lows? I think it takes guts and sheer fortitude to play this market at this time. Thus, any winnings will have been well earned.

      Externally, we see indications of higher interest rates and tighter restrictions on borrowings from the banks. Weather conditions have negatively impacted the death rate for this quarter, and the Americas' investment is being crucified via currency devaluations vis-a-vis the strong dollar. Write downs for the current quarter are already in the system, but litigation remains an ongoing concern. Whole sector being scrutinized by public and various legislature, thereby fueling concerns of greater regulation. Yet, SRV seems to maintain a generally positive momentum.

      The good news mantra remains the same: asset sales, free cash flow, higher gross margins, higher revenues, etc.

      No wonder folk call it the "teflon" Company. I like the cat analogy; "nine live" on one hand, and "toonces" on the other.

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