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  • Last night at a fish-fry, I ran into an SCI guy. In the coursr of our conversation, he told me that SCI has recently made many changes
    regarding compensation for location managers, and pay raises for front-line employees.

    His remarks about market share tell me that the Company is not pleased with many of their holdings. The man admitted that in several clusters that "one" location is doing well in terms of volume and profit--but is forced to carry the load for the others that are getting their asses kicked.

    However, his explaination of the "raise" thing tells me that SCI management, the Delta Team or whatever is again dropping the ball. Judging a location manager based on volume and Dignity Memorial package sales is like asking a grave digger to open the space with his fingers.

    Delta Team? Obviously those guys never worked in the business until they got tied up with SCI. Or, as you often say, the Company is really hurting.

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    • Thanks Ray,

      I'm just one of the backwater boys, and don't have access to such a list. You are correct in the assumption, I'd keep it close to my chest, though.

      I love fishing, but not much of a fan for eating them. I rarely fish with worms and hope this didn't hurt your worm business. Interesting some of the biz ventures others were involved in. I suspect someday I'll return to something of my own.

    • How many large multi-generational firms would I estimate as out there in US? Can't say with any confidence. There is no industry info (in the public domain) I'm aware of that addresses such an issue.

      My greatest familiarity is with metropolitan operators. However, I have come into contact with such types in many urban and suburban communitites in Illinois which, on the basis of the local population's size and longevity, have built a substantial patronage. By extension, I would imagine the numbers may be larger than even I would hazard to guess.

      I'm also reminded of a multi-generational operator I once met who hailed from the state
      Michigan. In talking about his business, he informed me that his family's company did over 1000 calls annually. I was stunned until I found out they operated from 12 locations. Same thing for an operator I know operating in a town near the Indiana boarder. If I recall correctly, they do around 500 calls, but from four locations. What seems to be common in these examples is an apparent clustering effect, characterized by the sort of efficiencies your own company is seeking to master.

      Assuming you are privy to proprietary info about your own Company, my guess is that you might provide a far better estimate than my own. I would also assume that, if you have such data, you'd keep it close to your chest.

      BTW: Worm farming was my first business operation as a child. I raised night-crawlers and red worms for sale to neighborhood fisherman. Also, cleaned and gutted their catch. It's probably the reason why I don't eat fish today (lol).

    • Additional terminology to ponder:

      slumber room, wake room, viewing room, laying in state room, visitation room

      repast, funeral luncheon

      obituary (much resembles a church bulletin however, it contains the deceased order of funeral service, brief synopsis of deceased life, etc.) or, obituary (a paid death notice in newspaper)

      family car, limousine

      cloth-covered, shrine, hinge-panel, doeskin

      conference, meeting, plans, service arrangements, funeral arrangements

      minister/musician honorarium, minister/musician fees, minister/musician gratuity

      casket spray, casket arrangement, family floral piece, casket flowers

      sealer casket, gasketed casket

      headstone, tombstone

      burial garment, shroud

      Etc., etc., etc.

      Could particular terms not be indicative of certain sensitivity, cultures, demographics and personal preference? May be redundant but, is there a 'politically-correct' use of terms?

    • I much appreciate the time/thought put into your answer, Ray.

      Any chance for the follow up question pasted below ?

      Thanks for the in depth definition of "multi-generation" firm.

      How many firms do you estimate are out there in US, that parallel such description ?

    • I'm happy for you and I trust you are appreciative of top shelf benefits. If so, give your employer a BIG hug.

    • the_undertakers_conscience the_undertakers_conscience Dec 10, 2002 3:36 PM Flag

      Lighten up, LD. How about "Chambers of Rest"?

    • the_undertakers_conscience the_undertakers_conscience Dec 10, 2002 3:34 PM Flag

      The indy for which I work fully funds medical insurance for all employees PLUS their dependents.It also provides 50 % matching on 401K.

    • my position. I could be premature but didn't like the action yesterday. bye for now

    • In a traffic jam my mother remarked on the 'Private Ambulance' in the next lane. I had to explain that it was not a nicer way to get to hospital ..

    • Thank you, LD. It's nice to know someone else out there is tired of the ridiculous euphemisms! My favorite new one? I've seen 4 GPLs from Massachusetts that refer to their embalming room as a PATIENT CARE FACILITY. Come on guys, can't we be honest about this? It is *death* we're talking about, right?


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