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  • sci_encefiction sci_encefiction Dec 16, 2002 3:31 PM Flag

    At last!

    I scour the bored to find kernels of interest to help me make money.
    But s**t gets in the way. This is a finance board for the living .. I know there is interest for the info of day to day funeral buisness. but chased away tech players you have. I know this stock is not widely played (thus not widely manipulated) which is why i play here. position 0 looking to get back in at lower prices.

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    • What interest would "tech players" have in this board?

      Day-to-day death stuff affects the value of this particular stock.

      Go fish somewhere else.

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      • Squirrel,

        The only " players " that come to this board are " Pocket Billiard " players and Big-Shots that have free time to play on their just to be such a Big Wheel like TexASSdud is my life long dream...I have the dickhead bit down-pat but I still need to save up for my ATV and then move over Elvis...I am NEW The King.

        Don't forget friend when your with the ladies..." If your snookered on the Pink....pot the Brown "...

      • I made over 30% from the mid 2 to the mid 3,s and you ask what interest techies have here?
        You are a morbid bunch and deserve to whine.

        I wine you whine
        I anal-ize you anal-retent
        I capitalize you socialize
        I catch fish you catch cold
        I crack nuts you collect nuts
        I live in a house you in a tree

        I should be nicer to losers.... I'm sowwy

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