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  • makersh2o makersh2o Mar 7, 2003 4:05 PM Flag


    I have been reading this board for about four weeks now. My question is if you don't work for ser. corp. and you don't own any of their stock, Why on God's green earth would you waste you time making no sense comments about the company that is not going to effect you one way or the other? I just want to understand. Don't some of you people have a LIFE ?

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    • First, welcome to the finest funeral/cemetery message board in the country.

      Second, just for you know I do have a life, but like I said above this board makes me laugh. We purchased a run down SCI firm and have enjoyed hereing the wonderful stories around the community. I also have friends that have purchased SCI firms too, not to mention those friends that are lucky enough to work for them.

      Why do we stay here and make comments ?
      Hmmmmm..... Maybe it is the satisfaction of watching a company that harmed the death care industry die, or it could the fact that many of us know owners that took stock in exchange payment for there funeral homes. ( That part really makes me laugh hard ! ) I really think we are here to share stories, advice, kinda like a big family that fights once in awhile. Take Cremy for instance - a week in half ago, we hated eachother, but we learned that each perosn has there own way. Granted we all don't believe in the same philosophy, but I think ( I hope ) deep down we all believe in caring for the families we
      serve in the highest ethics. ( At least better than SCI )

      In fact tonight is our Friday night supper club ( No Cremy it is not swingers club ).
      We have about 10 couples that get together every Friday, including local clergy ...
      Theres my life for tonight !

      Good day !

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      • Hey Disco Duck,

        I thank you for your kind really know how to make a biter, twisted Old Fuck a very happy man...if I said I am begining to love you too would you not take it the wrong way but cheerish the thought that I actually care for you like a brother...IN FACT ....I love you so much of late I am prepared to send you a couple of alternative containers F.O.C just to help you out so you can save some more pennies to buy some more SRV or perhaps a CHEAP funeral home just up the road...

        ....Would you like me to share with you how you can become the CREMATION KING of your state where both customer & yourself play on a WIN -WIN even playing field ??

        As for that Club you are attending this careful of the Clergy at the Gig...some of those Catholic ones ARE SWINGERS !

    • Also good question.

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