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  • friend_of_the_deceased friend_of_the_deceased Jan 28, 2000 2:30 AM Flag

    Stock talk - A little off topic

    I suggest anyone interested in learning about
    what is going on in this industry read this 10k. Many
    parallels to SRV including a Moody downgrade:

    December 8, 1999, Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's")
    announced that it had lowered the Company's credit rating
    from Baa3 to Ba2, and on December 15, 1999, Standard &
    Poor's ("S&P") announced that it had placed the Company
    on credit watch with negative implications. Interest
    paid by the Company on its revolving line of credit is
    based in part on its credit ratings from Moody's and
    S&P. While the outcome of the S&P review cannot be
    predicted at this time, neither it nor the Moody's
    downgrade is expected to have a material effect on the
    Company's results of operations."

    On year 2000

    "As previously announced, the Company recently
    revised its short- and medium-term outlook and goals. The
    Company currently anticipates that fiscal year 2000 will
    be a year of transition, from a period of rapid
    growth, fueled primarily by acquisitions, to a period of
    moderate growth, driven primarily by internal growth
    strategies and a more intense focus on improving the
    operations of businesses acquired. In this regard,
    management's current goal is to grow revenue in fiscal year
    2000 at about 1 percent from 1999 amounts with
    relatively flat, to slightly down, earnings before interest,
    taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) from 1999
    amounts. Management's current earnings per share goal for
    fiscal year 2000 is in the $.68 - $.72

    STEI looks like they will survive and the low stock
    price just reflects questionable growth prospects for
    the near future. The market tends to put a pe of 10
    or less on busted growth stocks.

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