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  • rammer_abc rammer_abc Sep 30, 2008 1:08 PM Flag

    will we ever see 3 dollars again

    What a waste of money buying this crap

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    • Waiting for what? Big guys don't wait for others to start buying. I'm thinking I got Snookered into thinking this big vote and deal with US and India was going to shoot the stock to the Moon. I'm starting to think the Release from Bloomberg and the pump on India was a Dam dumping opportunity for some MM.

    • come on man Need Patience

      It's not a slot machine in Lasvegas or Atlantic City

      They have to Drill at least 1700 feet depth , pumpout Uranium , process it ,so many things

      so wait , if you are in hurry , buy IDEV Pharma company Instant Profits

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      • Uranium: The One Commodity Practically Guaranteed To Continue Increasing in Price and Value...
        Here's How To Profit from Uranium Mining... Before The Investment Herd Arrives

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        September 30th, 2008
        We're on the verge of the world's last energy bull market. And just as uranium's momentum seemed to peak . . .

        In October 2006, disaster struck at one of the world's largest uranium mining sites--Cameco's Cigar Lake project. The underground uranium mine was completely flooded . . . and Cameco was forced to cease all production. This mine had been expected to supply 17% of the world's uranium demand. While Cameco hopes to resume production at Cigar Lake again in 2011, the outlook for mining uranium is grim. They're having a serious problem repairing the damage and may have lost the uranium mine completely.

        The fact about uranium is, production today is so tight, it can only satisfy 60% of global demand--with no relief in sight. This shortage has propelled Uranium Prices to a recored of $138/lb. last June. . . jumping nearly 575% in just two years!

        In the wake of "yellowcake" uranium's dramatic price rise, a multitude of uranium companies were founded. But most of these companies don't even plan to bring their uranium mines into production . . . and are doomed to fail. Yet here's the rub for investors . . . a few small uranium companies are on their way to triple-digit gains.

    • we will
      you will have to wait but soon you will see that.
      feel free to load more shares and wait
      urre is my only play today
      and im going to win on that one
      public offering for4.35 a share sold six months ago without any problem
      they worth at least that

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