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  • buttaas buttaas Dec 8, 2008 11:18 AM Flag

    Value Math


    According to this

    this company has 1 million pounds of Uranium in Section 13 at Ambrosia lake alone.

    At the current spot of $55 per pound, there is $55 million dollars worth of Uranium at Sector 13. So, with a market cap of around 22.5 million, that means the the stock is trading at roughly 50% the value of the uranium at just one of its properties?

    Is my math right here?

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    • SNIP.

    • When you don't agree, you say there is no substance, knowing of course that I always include the data that defines my position (like cash burn rate, interest charges incurred, cash om hand, etc.). If you missed the facts posted, then have your eyesight checked again. I'll even lend you my old glasses.

      You've been the consumate Bull, all the time that URRE was shedding its stock value until it fell to $0.36 a few days ago ... the further it fell, the more Bullish you got, ignoring what most investors seemed to know: that URRE's fundamentals and outlook could not support a greater value for its stock. That's all I've been saying. However, I recognize that at some point there will be a bottom to this stock fall. If URRE can't prop up the stock price to close above $1 after January (when the temporary suspension in de-listing ends), it could fall below $0.36 because it will face de-listing. That's a risk. The other major risk is cash flow.

      In the interest of balanced reporting, URRE has enormous potential on the upside, all the way to $10 - $20. But first, they must clear the two major risks that it faces.

    • Don't try making too much sense, Al the resident perma-bear around here. He rags and rags on URRE, but never with much substance. He likes to say things like "never trust management! Look at Enron!!"

      And he never will admit a position until afterwards. He's been bashing URRE forever, but I see now that he says he magically bought in at .38 and cashed out on this last run.


      I'd like to ignore him, but he has too much comedic value.

    • It still "adds up" as I stated. While some costs are coming down, others (such as interest charge, capex, sg&a, etc.) are not. What is also coming down is their revenue (and profit). Thus, when you look at the WHOLE picture, the burn rate of $1m a month will continue into the forseeable future (which won't be long for URRE).

    • Geez.. so you're now a liar. Sorry, I rarely call anyone out on their trading boasting, but you're a piece of work.

      Maybe I should leave you alone, its getting obvious you're delusional and say whatever comes into your head.

      Good luck.

    • You're making my point. They also said that they are slowing production (from last quarter) because the sales price continues to be below their production costs. That will further reduce revenue & profit and increase their cash burn rate.

      Instead of correcting the problem, it's getting worse.

    • Oh, but I did sell you my shares ... and re-bought at $0.38 (close to my $0.25 call). However, my purchase is for trading, not investing because URRE still has a serious cash flow problem and may not make it to the long-term promise land.

    • Lot of assumptions there, so don't bet the farm.

    • Without checking further than your local gas pump, I'd assume the great difference in the production cost figures you quote are the cost of oil. As you know its climbed steadily during the quarter in question.

      If this is the case then we should expect a significant cost of production decrease going forward.. ie profits.

    • How is it going to get worse if their production cost was $68 and their average sale price $60 during the last quarter? That should have a negative impact during third quarter of about 0.5million during the quarter....I agree however, this investment is high risk at this point...

      Per call:
      "URI received an average selling price per pound of $60.71 in the third quarter of 2008"
      "URI produced 62,700 pounds of uranium.....Production costs for the quarter were $68.52 per pound compared with $28.41 pound in the same quarter of 2007"

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