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  • simx0009 simx0009 Oct 5, 2010 1:33 PM Flag

    low volumne for URRE today

    boring day for URRE.

    one day swing between 1M and 1.5M is not big volume for a penny stock like URRE.

    It should be bigger than 3Millions a day.

    then, i'll get little bit nervious (or excited) if it pulls back down (or goes back up to the previous high) with that volume and vice versa.

    anyway, today is a boring day for URRE holders. just sit and do something else while watching its boring fluctuation.

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    • Trade, whenever I bought an industrial property my first action was to try to put some kind of building on it, until a wiser man told me, that it normally is smarter to wait until someone with deep pockets who needed an industrial property put the building on it he exactly needed, or did not need.

      But I agree, a healthy cash flow would be nice. I just doupt we could have bought the shares that cheap. I never bought a building for a song when it had a healthy cash flow which would last.

      I am not looking for a small investor who reads this MB to buy my shares, I am holding my shares for the big boys who need the Uranium to power the plants they are building.

    • This company (URI) is in very good position when Uranium becomes hot commodity with its huge underground Uranium reserve. Just wish that it has healthy cash flow to last and to see its golden days..

    • Let's just continue with more boring 4 to 5% Up days. LOL

      No matter how some like to turn it, the demand for uranium will grow and with the time horizon the nations have who are now building those reactors one has to be brain dead not to see the opportunities. And oil also keeps on climbing.
      Pretty darn rosy scenario for Uranium investors.

    • i agree, Alw59saw.

      i'm not an expert either.
      just sitting and watching this penny stock patiently and keenly based on macroeconomic environment for Uranium market globally, inflation-oriented Fed policies, which helps energy/commodities stocks fly high, including Uranium stocks, and the URRE company's future potential along with them, which will bring gigantic upshot of this stock within one year.

      hoping that more good news continue to come.

    • I would not consider a 4 to 5 percent rebound boring.

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