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    today URRE action mixed with profit taking and confusion about stock offering news.

    Trade all this trading talk and speculation is not changing the fact, that uranium is coming back from an unbelievable low which made it at large unprofitable to mine. Oil countries have to plan for their future as their reserves get depleted.

    There is no reason why uranium stocks should not reach share prices they had two years ago when about anything caved in.

    I bought PTEN at $3 many years ago and sold at $30, then I bought it back around $ 10 and I will sell it again at $ 30

    I will not walk away from URRE with less than a 10 bagger.

    Again I am not trying to hype this stock or my other Uranium stocks, why should I , I am not a trader, but I am quite a successful investor. I have done it for close to forty years, and expressing my opinion is is only the fun part while often investing around 100 000 $ a day.

    This is no advice, I believe giving folks advice without knowing their financial situation and financial needs, just shows a great amount of stupidity and ignorance.

    I invest for the fun of it and not because I need the money.

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    • Got me wrong there Fighter: "Holding at or gaining from old closing price is a good sign", meaning the stock price today was holding at old closing price is a good sign. I do not tell people to hold their shares. For them, sell if they have profit and happy with it.

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      • Trade I like your reasoning, I always did. No critique towards you in any shape or form. Just a little support that you do not need any help when it comes to buying and selling. Traders think differently than us and we both should stick to the investment style we prefer.

        When I started investing I also gave in to the lure of swing trading until I found out, that the real big winners suddenly ran away from me and I never reentered again. Big runups happen in kind of an unpredictable way in regards to timing.

        One stock I bought around 3 Dollars ( 30 000 shares) and I had my fair amount of scares, but when I sold for 200 Dollars, it was worth every single scare.

        Only sharing my experience.

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