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    today URRE action mixed with profit taking and confusion about stock offering news.

    Trade I like your reasoning, I always did. No critique towards you in any shape or form. Just a little support that you do not need any help when it comes to buying and selling. Traders think differently than us and we both should stick to the investment style we prefer.

    When I started investing I also gave in to the lure of swing trading until I found out, that the real big winners suddenly ran away from me and I never reentered again. Big runups happen in kind of an unpredictable way in regards to timing.

    One stock I bought around 3 Dollars ( 30 000 shares) and I had my fair amount of scares, but when I sold for 200 Dollars, it was worth every single scare.

    Only sharing my experience.

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    • Fighterpilot ?, How long did it take for that $3.00 stock to move to $200.00? I have been holding a large amount of good prospective stock for several months now, some over a year. I believe that I too; will receive the big bucks as long as I am patient and don't let my emotions get in the way. I do take profits from time to time. I appreciate your comments and just curious as to the length of time it took, Ty...

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      • Being curious is always good. LOL. It was a Biotech and I believe it took about 3 or 4 years. But this is not very useful information because part of it fell into the .com bubble and exuberance 10 years ago when huge fortunes were made overnight and later lost overnight.

        Just develop your own style of investing and be honest about accepting mistakes. If you can keep your mistakes around 30% you will do very well. Keep a record, most people fool themselves, like the old lady in the casino who always wins but gambles her home away.

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