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  • FIGHTERPILOT FIGHTERPILOT Nov 23, 2010 11:44 AM Flag

    Fun to watch

    How the real value slowly gets visible between the trading action.

    I would love to see an oil major taking interest in uranium, they are doing it now with NG, why not uranium.

    Yes, the NG formations in our Golf are impressive but in the long run only uranium when used nearly 100% has for all practical purpose a close to indefinite supply. It is the future in energy. One great value of URRE is, that here in the USA they are at the beginning of the trend. The present resources are in my mind only part of the story. Most Big Retailers all started in a little Mom and Pop store.


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    • most of the oil/energy companies were involved with uranium in the 1950-80s;

      they all bailed in the 1980-90s as prices crashed;

      none have again spoken of uranium and imho it will be along time before an american energy company gets involved in uranium;

      however, european energy companies have spoken about uranium, i remember total fina mentioned uranium a couple years back but nothing came of it;

      as for asian energy companies, that is a whole other matter; they will be buying hand over fist.....;


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      • perterber, you are correct. But the nonsense around nuclear power and the fear is now starting to shrivel. Facts of future demand and facts about safety are starting to sink in. When I talk to nuclear engineers, the word NONSENSE appears quite often. I have seen enough of my oil wells depleting, to understand what is ahead. I have seen coal getting depleted in Germany, leaving gray, unhealthy cities behind. No way they will shave large amounts of plentiful coal over here from the plains in Wyoming, destroying the top soil.........

        We have to start thinking about a real long term replacement and China and India and more and more other countries are doing just that. In the USA it takes years now to get a road approved and build, but too many folks are realizing now, that this approach is a road downhill.

      • buy before everyone knew it

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