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  • carlsagancosmos carlsagancosmos Jan 27, 2011 6:09 PM Flag


    URRE is not for day traders or those looking to make make a quick buck. Those complaining when it goes down 5% should really take their money out and put it under their mattress.

    Reality Check! As long as spot price keeps going up you really have nothing to worry about. Right now, URRE is in the hands of MM computers and shorts. Really people, come on. I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. Let's all talk again in 6 months. It will save a lot of grief IMO.


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    • You couldn't be more wrong. URRE is a trading-only stock, never a buy-and-hold. It's more volatile than Osama Bin Laden, which makes it ideal for trading.

      Go back to your room until you're 65 (do not pass GO, do not collect $200).

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      • If you can prove to me the profits you've made-then do it! Post your profits through any medium you wish by your brokerage and/or securities exchange/ trading account. I'll also show you my Merill Lynch brokerage account too! I'll email you my mailing address if you wish. No way you could have timed accurately the ups and downs multiple times. You can't be that lucky. You didn't know the Chinese article coming out and/or the selling by insiders or marxe austin and greenhouse!

        With all due respect, sir.

    • You may say that, but plenty of folks including posters on this
      board have made far more money trading this stock.Please
      remember this stock has never been above $15 a share and that's when Uranium was priced at nearly twice what it is now, with 1/2 the number of shares.

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      • Yes, money could have been made. Many of us longs have been holding a while. Many longs bought when URRE was under a dollar. Smart ones sold half their shares above $3 (always take a profit). But URRE is way, way too volatile currently, to try and make money in the short term. Its a buy and hold for now. Many would not argue with this.

        But yes, I do see what you're saying though. URRE is obviously stuck currently between $2.50 and $3.50. If you can time it just right, of course you can make money, but who in the heck can wait on this timing with money on hand to time the jumps exactly at the right time to buy and to sell perfectly (unless you're a computer or just plain lucky). The laws of probability are against you. If you truly have the time and money to do this than you really don't need the money profiting from trading this stock - think about it.

    • I am liking how more people are coming out on the board and being optimistic for the long term on URRE. Thad what we need.

      Glta to all the longs and hopefully by the time the white stuff melts, which may be in six mo this time, then we will see things much better.


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