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  • sdansker2002 sdansker2002 Apr 7, 2011 11:48 AM Flag

    new earthquake spooks U stock again

    I knew as soon as I heard the news that they'd all take a hit, ans sure enough...

    Also, I am curious about the trading of URRE stock. If you follow each trade on the ETrade Pro screen as I do, you'll see prices like $2.1401 on one hundred shares. Thus the trade is for $214.01 plus commission. The commission on most trades is somehwre between $5 & $10 a trade. At $10 a trade that's a full 5%. Brokerage houses must love these literal nickel & dime trades. Also, I can't believe traders are quibbling over a PENNY a trade on 100 shares. That just seems too weird.

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    • That's not the case. ETrade charge one commission for any amount of shares. It's their problem if they get them in one hundred shares increments.

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      • May fault. I wasn't clear. I see actual trades of 100 shares going thru. Now I realize that if I make an offer to buy or sell, lets say, 5000 shares and I get a fill of any number of trades that equal 5000 but are in lots of any size, I will only have to pay one commission (in my case 9.99). I guess then, am I seeing the samer kind of action when I see 100 share lots crossing the tape? That could be. I guess I need to call ETrade to see. BTW, I'm seeing ALL trades of URRE, not just ETrades. I hope that people aren't just buyinga a $2 stock in just lots of 100. Maybe they are, and that makes brokers very happy.

      • 100 share bids and offers r sometimes signals by Market Makers that they have a block of shares @ that price

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