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  • efftwo efftwo Feb 15, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    Discharge Permit Dispute

    For those interested, here's the background on the UIC permit dispute.

    Latest News:

    10/11/2011 - ENDAUM requests hearing on motion for summary judgment.

    09/01/2011 - ENDAUM requests judgment that the NMED has no authority to accept HRI’s application as a discharge permit renewal.

    07/15/2011 - NMELC files Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction and supporting documents for client, ENDAUM.

    06/27/2011 - On behalf of ENDAUM, NMELC filed a letter demanding New Mexico Environment Department issue a notice to HRI that their discharge permit has not been renewed based on documents obtained that show high-ranking employees of the NMED have been improperly influencing regulatory decisions of the Groundwater Quality Bureau.

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    • I just wanted to let you know I meant the CCJ venture on the unexplored parcel for the new study. I think everyone is skeptical of any stock or company at this point. I see too many decent milestone achievements on UR here to shift from being cautiously optimistic to a more moderate optimistic outlook. It just seems to have taken forever to get to this point when it comes to mind. Money for operations will come easier and cheaper for the mining project when all the pieces fall into place.

    • I don't know enough about it to have your confidence, but I hope your analysis is correct. Thanks for sharing your views.

      Sure, the financing may be available, but at what cost??? The market appears to be pricing in significant dilution, so where it ultimately comes out should determine the direction of the stock price.

      The market view towards nukes looks to be thawing, slowly, which is of course a positive tailwind.

    • The company stated the UIC hearing is scheduled for Mar 8. It then went further to state that they would be filing an injunction relief hearing sometime in April on negative UIC hearing outcome. In this instance it is a good thing not a major setback as an appeal takes a lot longer to complete. The precedent has already been set in the lower courts, which usually stands. If there is resistance than the relief injunction will allow the higher court to maintain the precedent and reduce the amount of time in which Uranium Resources will be able to proceed with their project. I am confident this project will move forward. Funding the project will not be an issue. The rest is a moot point as the studies and surveys are already complete. The new exploration is a different parcel.

    • An injunction would be a major setback. This would appear to be the primary catalyst for the stock, followed by the feasibilty study/financing update.

    • I beleive the first part of your statement is self apparent. I think they call it an appeal.
      The second part is that other entities may get competetive in nature to any tender offer on URRE but it doesn't have to be a hostile take over. CCJ would have first shot in my opinion.
      Of course I'm sure you already knew all of this Mr. Obvious. Had your coffee yet?

    • "if this company gets"

      And what is your prognosis in the event that this company doesn't "get"

      And what makes you think that a takover of this management team will be hostile?

    • Wasn't that date set to be March 8 and the injunction issue sometime in April. I know the gap is closing pretty fast. I can't blame the Navajos for being on top of this since that nasty incident in 1979 at Church Rock. I expect they are just wanting to make sure that never happens again.
      Still the company maintains talks have been going well with the Indian Nation and I feel their environmental board has a legitmate complaint. It will be more costly to bring on line with the new requirements suggested for safety concerns but worth the effort.

      • 1 Reply to afp4u
      • "nasty incident in 1979 at Church Rock"

        Is URI proposing a dam?

        I'd say the Navajo are a little more worried about the nasty drinking water incident at Goliad.

        Wouldn't you too, F2?

        After Texas, if I were drinking out of the Aquifer under my property and anyone from URI showed up and started poking holes in the ground I wouldn't get a lawyer...I'd get a shotgun full of rocksalt.

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