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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Jan 13, 2013 1:51 AM Flag

    What the heck is going on, all of a sudden Dish Digital is running BB VOD

    Any ideas of what the deal is, I mean we are closing in on 2yrs since the auction during which time BB on demand was abandoned & just left to whither away despite the statements coming from Dish saying their goal was to deliver as much profitability as possible from their BB assets. If that were true as logically it should be since that is what any company strives for whith acquired assets, then it seemed to mean that they held no interest in BB on demand since it was the only line of Blockbuster's business which was already profitable both pre-bk & throughout BK, yet following the auction the service appeared to have been abandoned & simply left to whither away.
    So any thoughts on this sudden involvment from a never before mentioned management of the service by Dish Digital after nearly two years of abandonment?

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    • Is DISH preparing for the big split? It's still referring to "connected" devices, and still "streaming". But the DISH commercial I watched last night in prime time still mentions Blockbuster as "by mail", with their $ 19.95 price leading package. I look at content delivery in terms of price points. At the cheapest: by mail. At the top, VOD streaming. Neither is the sweet spot of the majority of consumers. My Uncle's smart samsung can get netflix, but he is not concerned with the monthly bill. ( a doctor). Compared to me, who will just go get a DVD rental for a couple of days--Mr. Cheapskate. Will DISH eventually completely segregate Blockbuster from the DISH Network? Selling one or the other? A big fish ate a small fish which grew and grew till it was the big fish.

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    • MP .. my take is that Dish is the 'approval' stage .. if they show they can deliver the digital/UV then they will get the nod from the studios and get the new contracts .. Ergen always said it's up to the studios and everything he has done of late is to build that pipeline.. plus Clayton said in the past weeks that they are in the 3rd of 3 6 month phases .. all IMO!!!

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      • But what do u guys see regarding what this means for us? I mean I've been maintaining hope w/ what seemed to be an obvious assumption, that BB on demand was still w/ the estate, likely in the trust. I believed this based on the fact that there has been no visible signs of any active management of the service, rather it seemed quite apparent that BB on demand was just left to gradually fade away despite being Blockbuster's only profitable business line as well as being the only line of Blockbuster that operates w/in the area of the industry in which there will be continual growth & transition into as well as being an already up & running service that at the time of the auction was as competitive as any in that space, a space that virtually everyone wants in on w/ additional storefronts being deployed constantly.
        So how do things still work out for us?

    • I noticed this the other day. I had never heard the name "Dish Digital".

      “With the support of Motorola’s industry-leading Medios+ SecureMedia platform, our customers will now be able to instantly stream and enjoy thousands of movies including popular new releases in stunning 1080p HD quality anytime and anywhere on their favorite connected devices,” said John M. Paul, SVP Products & Engineering of Dish Digital which operates Blockbuster On Demand. "This new technology supports our digital strategy by streamlining our content distribution process and expanding the variety of secure premium content available to our customers.”

      Seems Mr. John M. Paul seems to have been with Roku of Saratoga, Calif., and also with Sling Media, Inc., Must have taken a job with a new segment of Dish.

      John M. Paul
      Chief Product Officer
      Echostar Advanced Technologies Group

      John M. Paul is Chief Product Officer of the Echostar Advanced Technologies group of Echostar, Inc. He is responsible for bringing to market the next generation of IP based Television and Video On Demand services for the company. Utilizing the teams and technologies from the acquisitions of Move Networks and Sling Media. He and his team are utilizing the best in adaptive rate streaming and place-shifting technologies to bring this new platform to ISPs around the world. Prior to his current role, John held the position of Executive Vice President, Products at Sling Media. With more than 35 years of industry experience, John has worked for many of the most successful and dynamic companies in the high tech industry, including AOL, Netscape, Compaq Computer, and Digital Equipment Corporation. John lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area.

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      • Well I think something needs to happen soon, the next MOR should be telling. They they had around 900K last time and if they don't file the MOR they can't maintain ch11 status I believe. I would assume if they are going to file these per quarter there must be a large dent in that amount and they can't keep the one employee with no source of revenue. If they fabricate or manufacture some bogus reason to stay in bk longer with no assets and 1/no employee or revenue it would need to be a doozy.

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