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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Jan 23, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    Why are the store closure articles written as they are? Why the sad story style, the poor Blockbuste?

    To me it looks like the final touches on the Blockbuster script that through the media has taken them from the hated crusher of the mom and pops, the overpricing/ late fee abusing bad guy that through their arrogance was taken down by the "David and Goliath" used analogy of Netflix. Getting what they deserved and finally heading into extinction due to their own ignorance and greed. Then the script progressed after the anti Blockbuster chorus had reached the level neccessary for consumer's satisfaction and point of feeling that it was enough, that the BB bashing had reached a sufficant degree to satisfy those holdihg onto their dislike of their experiences w/ BB { mainly late fees}.
    Next began the turning point in the script in which the hated paid their dues, learned their lessons, and was humbled greatly and brougt down to a level neccessary to see the error in their ways and to no longer see things the same, now they had become one of us as they shed their cloak of arrogance and disregard for the consideration and appreciation of their customers.
    Enter the new vilian, totally neccessary for the script to move forward as it doesn't do much just to have the former bad guy learn their lesson, they need a new bad guy in order for the public to not just no longer hate them but to actually root for them. This is where Netflix came in perfectly, as they played the role so often seen on the big screen, and they played it to perfection. Coming from their humble beginings to rise to the top of theitr market only to forget where they came from and what got them there, showing total disregard and lack of value for their customers. All playing out perfectly, meanwhile Blockbuster continues it's struggly over the next couple years as they are forced to continue closing stores despite the appearance of doing all they can to save them.
    Now look at this timming, despite the info in the articles saying things like we're diong everything we can to find a way for BB to be able to produce a profit or just break even, but I just can't see how it could happen. How in the world could Blockbuster become profitable? What's missing in all of this is the fact that Blockbuster already had, even in their darkest days, a profitable line of business and that line just so happens to be the only area of growth in home entertainment not to mention having the full support of everyone in the industry and gauranteed to become the primary avenue of use in this industry. Blockbuster on demand was BB's only profitable line of business pre bk and during, maybe even following but who knows as it was the only line that was abandoned and left for dead for the nearly 2 yrs following Dish's purchase.
    Now to the timming, after two years of being left for dead we finally have an announcment that BB on demand is about to be rebourn using possibly the most advanced technology available to power the service, and now we have all these articles about how sad it is that we are witnessing the slow death of an American Icon as more and more Blockbuster stores continue to be closed on the way to the innevitable end of an era, an era filled with great memories where families" weekends included a visit to the video store as a given. The eventuall end of an American brand that was such a big part of the culture of a whole generation, it's so sad to see it happen but there is no other possible outcome as despite every effort all possibilties to produce any profit from the once mightly Blockbuster have failed.
    How perfectly played as a final full court press on the emotions of the public, Blockbuster's image has truly come full circle and now they are simpithetically viewed by the consumers, those who remember those days now view them with a positive nostalgia and those too young see BB as something representing cool in the way that classics are viewed, thus all ages will eagerly embrass the new Blockbuster Video and be very excited and interested in what it's all about, thus advertising and promoting will be very successful as all of the public will have their attention levels fully activated and consumer interest will prompt trying the new store which after one tries it they will love it.

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